April 11th 2012 10:49 am

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  • Features Tells time and recieves notifications. Simple, but not as robust as other smartwatches so-so
  • Display Readable in many conditions good
  • Battery life No Issues here! great!
  • Ease of use 4 Buttons made things a snap to use good
  • Storage capacity No real capacity. Only 8 slots for watchfaces so-so
  • Design and form factor I think it looked good good
  • Portability (size / weight) Works as well as other watches great!
  • Durability Plastic seemed decent for durability good
Detailed review
I unfortunately returned my Pebble for a refund.

That being said, this device is great- when it works. It has a display which can be read anywhere, the vibration motor is appropriately powered to be on my wrist, and notifications can be pushed from virtually any app given the right supporting app behind it.

When things don't work, then I get sad, and the Pebble did make me sad at times. I am not even sure this is Pebble's fault, but it must have been a combination of things.

Before buying, I tried to do research to see if I would have any issues connecting my Nexus 4 to both the Pebble and my car (a Mazda). I found a thread on xda developers that said it could (forum.xda­-developers.com­/nexus­-4­/help­/pebble­-watch...) and boy was it wrong.

When in my car, with bluetooth enabled, neither the Pebble nor my in-car bluetooth would work properly. It seemed that every second, the Nexus 4 would switch the device it was connected to between them. That meant it was not stable enough to make phone calls, or reliably receive notifications, effectively rendering both bluetooth devices useless.

Add to that the problems I have experienced with the Nexus 4 when bluetooth and wifi are simultaneously enabled (again... not Pebble's fault on this one) and I could not get a stable connection to the Pebble.

(I'll also drop in here that nexus devices have been notorious as of late for bluetooth issues www.androidpolice.com­/2013­/12­/28­/bug­-watch­-many­-ne...)

The fix it seems for my problem would be to get an iPhone, but that is unfortunately not an option right now.

I wanted to love the Pebble, and it was great when it worked flawlessly, and I would definitely consider one again in the future if I could be guaranteed that it would work 100% in the way that I connect things. Until then, I'll hold on to my money as the smartwatch scene develops