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  • Features Right now it's a bit limited, but what it does do it does really really well! (in time this will likely go from Good to Great) good
  • Display The display could be sharper in this ultra high ppi world we live in but that being said it has a retro charming 8-bit sort of quality to it that I love. good
  • Battery life Incredible in a world where most high tech stuff has terrible battery life the pebble stands out. great!
  • Ease of use Dead simple interface that reminds me of the ease of use of the first few ipods. Back button, enter button, Up and Down, easy as pie. great!
  • Storage capacity This is really N/A but might be an issue as there is more software (apps, watch faces, etc.) down the road but for now not an issue at all great!
  • Design and form factor Clean simple, smooth a marriage of form and function, meeting at the intersection of an algebraic equation, parts feel design-y others techie. Band is just OK. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Larger than a Casio F-91W but not even close to as large as most big faced watches now. Lightweight and comfortable, no real complaints here. great!
  • Durability This will need to be updated down the road but after several days of usage seems well built and sturdy, if not a bit stiff (the band) great!
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So far I have been using my Pebble since the first day that I got it and it has been wonderful. It's totally changed the way that I use my phone. I was fearful at first that because it's so close and always there it would disrupt me but instead it has smoothed out bumps in my workflow because I am not pulling my phone all the time to look at and respond to things.

The battery life has been great, days and days without a charge. It is dead simple to use and works flawlessly. Only real qualms are that my Bluetooth is flaky but I am sure it's an issue I'm having with my phone because it's having problems with other Bluetooth devices.

The other interesting thing I've noticed is that you are supposed to take a 10% hit to your battery life on your phone due to using the pebble but my Galaxy Nexus seems to be actually getting better battery life because it isn't vibrating or ringing on and on all day long. Offloading that battery suck to the pebble.

Overview: All and all I am really really happy with it. It could be a bit more slim and trim, but it's handsome, more variety of watch faces would be nice but I'm sure will come in time. The screen could be a bit more sharp but to be honest it has a bit of a vintage 8-bit tech feel to it that is quite endearing. The watch band isn't great, it's soft and smooth but slides around a bit. (but this can and probably should be changed out for something else, it is a standard band after all) Finally, the features are a bit limited, that being said Allerta has assured us that we'll get more functionality in time and I have faith this is true. The Pebble stands out, many people ask me daily what it is and are stunned when playing with it. It's clean, simple, classy and most importantly work really well. It shows tons of promise and I'm loving using it so far. I'll try to remember to update this in time.

Update: 3/29/13
After using the Pebble a long time (considering how long it has been out) and getting tons and tons of comments from people asking "what is that watch?" I've collected many adjectives from others and myself. It's design is understated, handsome and modern.

Basically everyone asks about it. Generally stuff like "wow that's a cool looking watch." Then I say, "well actually...." and after a long explanation usually they end up wanting one as well.

All and all if I had to go back and do it again, I'd probably go as high as twice the price and still feel like I was enjoying it and the price would be justified. It's not perfect but it has changed the way I use my phone and interact with tech and that is pretty huge in my mind. And we still haven't really seen what it can do. (though some recent updates have brought some nice little features.

Update: 4/9/13
Unfortunately I seem to have some paint chipping or something on the bottom right hand edge of the pebble but you can only see it at one angle. Not sure what the deal is. Hopefully this is not a manufacturing defect or a quality issue. I'll keep an eye out and keep posting updates. Still very happy but it is a little annoying to have some fit and finish issues so early, but it is a watch and sees lots of wear and tear.
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You mentioned your phone doesn't vibrate for notifications anymore since the Pebble looks after that - interesting, does the Pebble do this by default or did you manually turn off phone notification vibrations once you got the Pebble?

Good question, I actually turned the phone on silent (manually, just pressed the volume down button until it was silent) The Pebble itself doesn't put the phone on silent, I just thought it was unnecessary with the Pebble on because it's more than great at notifying me of a new alert. Hope that answers your question. :)