April 11th 2012 10:49 am

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  • Features Still waiting on the Runkeeper integration that was promised. Not much more than a customisable watch but I do find the notifications useful - vibrations work good
  • Display Gets a bit "funny" at some angles, with a similar effect to oil on water. so-so
  • Battery life Not bad, but not great, gets at least 36hrs with heavy use. Major downside is the inability to see the battery level until low - even then it's one menu down good
  • Ease of use Pretty simple set up great!
  • Storage capacity No comments
  • Design and form factor Nerdy friend reaction to date has been "Hey is that the Pebble?!" and then after a play they remark "more professionally constructed than I expected" great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Weighs nothing and reasonably slim to go under cuffs. Charger cable is just USB so adds no weight and magsafe connection is clever. good
  • Durability I have some concerns regarding the watch face scratching up. So far, so good though. good
Detailed review
1. Has the "wow" factor, at least for now, and Kickstarter makes for an interesting talking point.
2. Magsafe charger is clever and non-bulky - more companies should do this. I'm looking at you, Garmin.
3. Customisable faces are pretty cool.
4. Quite professionally finished, even down to the packaging.
5. Vibration notifications are actually useful as I always have my phone on silent and don't always feel it vibrate in a jacket or jeans. You can't miss the watch's vibration though. Good for meetings too as I can screen calls rather than get the phone out.
6. It's evolving: there have been two firmware updates since mine arrived and each has made it slightly better (e.g. up and down buttons now change watch faces when on the watch screen)

1. Where are the apps? Runkeeper in particular...
2. No caller contact details. Obviously has caller ID and displays the incoming numbers, but not the contact name.
3. Says "missed call" for my unsuccessful outbound calls - bit strange, and a bug they'll no doubt update.
4. Battery life isn't awesome. When I first got it I was playing with it a bit (demonstrating watch faces for friends etc) and it would last about 36 hours. Can get at leats 2 days out of normal use, probably longer, but I throw it on charge alongside the iPhone most nights. Which brings me to my next point.
5. The battery meter only shows up when the battery is low. It could be 1 min away from that popping up, so I don't charge it, then it goes flat that day. Frustrating. Further, that meter only shows up in the main menu, so I have to click through looking for it - it should pop up on the watch display.