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  • Features The best is yet to come for Pebble. With the Watchface SDK being released soon and other apps being promised later. good
  • Display The right display for the job. Future models could probably stand to go higher res, but only after the Pebble is limited by it. good
  • Battery life As advertised. I have been charging it once a week. I'm a bit worried that this will change with more powerful apps. great!
  • Ease of use The last update really nailed it. I can now go and change tracks on my phone without looking. great!
  • Storage capacity No comments
  • Design and form factor I've stuck with the default watchband thus far. The rest of the design is beautiful. Clean and simple with all the right curves. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Light and easy to wear. This is the most portable device I own. great!
  • Durability I'm pretty hard on gadget and the Pebble has not disappointed. Not one scratch or scuff despite weeks of use. great!
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For me the Pebble is the most exciting product that has come out in the last year. It has surpassed my early expectations of a buggy launch yet has become more easy to use and powerful with each update.

The strap is rubbery and durable with a matte black color. This contrasts with the shiny black plastic of the face. The screen isn't very sharp, but it does its job well enough. The 4 buttons have good travel and click in a satisfying way. The magnetic charger could do a better job gripping but not much better or it would be to hard to pull off.

The watch is extremely responsive with an intuitive U.I. and many attractive watch faces. My biggest complaint thus far is the lack of 12 hour digital watch faces. It seems that this should be a setting on the device and not up to developers. I've been using pebble with a Galaxy Nexus so I can't speak to how well it works on skinned devices or iPhones.

Over all I'd recommend that people who consider themselves power users or those who have jobs that are messy or require one not to pull out there phone ever (such as lawyers in a court room). The Pebble will appeal to more groups as apps are made for the device. The Pebble has a bright future ahead of it and I expect more companies will seek to replicate their success.

Update 4/9/2013: Project Update #35 Says the 12 hour watchface thing is resolved. The Pebble team has gone above and beyond my expectations for support once again.
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In response to your last line, there are already rumors of Apple, Samsung and a Google/LG combo working on alternatives. I just hope Pebble kick up their production and marketing a notch to gain a decent sized customer base before they get crushed by enterprises with the resources to mass produce a similar product.