February 10th 2012 5:20 pm

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Gadget Review Feb 6, 2012

The Fidelio AS111 dock on its own is excellent, the best I’ve seen to date. It has a proper balance of size, build quality, looks, and power. The software may need a little work, and perhaps some adjustments from Google, but all in all I highly recommend the AS111.

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ChazClout ChazClout

We were after a dock for our Android handsets and opted for the Fidelio AS111 which is the lowest priced Fidelio dock on offer. The unit is compact with a built in digital clock which syncs with your Android handset when connected by Bluetooth. Firmware updates for the dock are handled through...

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Morthimor Morthimor

Most important thing for me was nice looking docking station with speakers, to charge my phone and use it as radio. Shame Philips application is so bad, and I couldn't get other alarm applications to work through speaker. But radio and music player works flawlessly. Sound quality is surprisingly...

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