February 10th 2012 5:20 pm

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  • Audio quality Surprisingly good for such a small unit. good
  • Design and form factor Smart design that works with three different Android handsets indoors. good
  • Durability Seems very well made and the dock connector seems quite strong. good
  • Portability Its small but not really designed to be portable. so-so
Detailed review
We were after a dock for our Android handsets and opted for the Fidelio AS111 which is the lowest priced Fidelio dock on offer.

The unit is compact with a built in digital clock which syncs with your Android handset when connected by Bluetooth. Firmware updates for the dock are handled through the Android handset when connected via Bluetooth and using the free Fidelio app from Android Market which is clever.

The Fidelio app itself isn't too bad but there have been complaints judging by the reviews on Android Market. Good thing is, the app is not essential as you can simply pair your phone to it like any other Bluetooth accessory. This has had the added side effect of it working with my Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Titan (I take it a y device that supports A2DP would work)

The tiny speaker dock is surprisingly loud and packs enough punch for my tastes for its size.

I'm really pleased with it and am glad to finally have a dockable Android speaker.

I've successfully used it with my Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, ZTE Blade and Motorola Xoom (without docking the Xoom). As mentioned above, it paired with my Titan fine too.