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Philips designed a sleek and stylish soundbar in the HTL5120, giving it what IT Pro Portal calls an "air of luxury." But the HTL5120 isn't all looks -- TrustedReviews says it "excels" in the sound department, while IT Pro Portal calls the HTL5210 a "superb performer." With its built-in Bluetooth, dual HDMI inputs, and great sound, the HTL5120 is a fine choice for your living room.

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TrustedReviews May 12, 2013

It demonstrates scale, refinement and low-frequency composure beyond its price tag, making for a hugely satisfying listen. Throw in superb build quality, gorgeous looks, built-in Bluetooth and plentiful connections, and the HTL5120 cements its place as one of the best soundbars in its class.

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Expert Reviews Aug 19, 2013

The HTL5120 is a great value sound bar. Similarly priced sound bars can't match it in terms of sound quality or connectivity, and while an LCD display would’ve made it easier to adjust settings, it sounds superb out of the box. It looks stunning too.

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IT Pro Portal May 10, 2013

Spend some time in the HTL5120’s company and you’ll soon realise that it’s one of the best soundbars in its class. It reaches levels of refinement and smoothness beyond what you’d expect from a £250 soundbar, but backs it up with power and punch when needed.

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An excellent product. Cool stylish design with great sound quality from a product at this price. Compared to the sound we had from our slim TV, this speaker is essential. My only gripe is the lack of HDMI inputs, in this day an age I think there should be at least four inputs, but that that is a...

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Carbonoatom Carbonoatom

Firstly, it has a real nice base and even when you increase the volume, the hardness of the sound still remains as transparent as ever. Secondly, It is very sleek and just right for my table on where I keep all my other stuff and perfect for my Big-ass TV. Also, the thing that is really the thing...

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