August 30th 2012 2:09 pm

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Pocket-Lint Mar 26, 2013

Portable, good looking, and with great performance, the Philips Fidelio P9 has plenty to offer as a premium Bluetooth speaker. There's the added convenience of device charging and the finish and build quality are impressive: this is a Bluetooth speaker that looks good.

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Alexandrubc Alexandrubc

I got the wireless speakers a couple of days ago and I am using them every day since then. They have a great design and look. It is a premium product, nice quality leather cover that allows you to put the speakers in 3 positions and also serves as protection when it is closed. A very interesting...

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barnabeer barnabeer

this soundsystem creates fantastic sound, no matter where you take it. It is designed to be independent and highly portable, and that is just what it is without compromising on the quality of the sound. It is not the smallest portable speaker but one that will offer you long hours of listening on...

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