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Philips' Fidelio line is its premium brand, reserved for products of the highest quality. With the S1 and S2 Philips has extended that reputation for quality to the headphone category and, though expensive, the Fidelio S2 set manages to live up to its $149 price tag -- despite some minor issues.

While the S1 headphones come in a cheaper plastic housing, the S2 set is clad in metal and Inner Fidelity says it "boasts a fancy-looking glossy finish." Another plus for the design is the use of a flat cable over traditional round or braided cables, which Expert Reviews says helps to keep "cable noise to a minimum, even when jogging or at the gym."

Bundled with the Fidelio S2 is a pair of Comply foam tips, designed to give you a better fit by conforming to your ear. But even with the range of tips What Hi-Fi had problems "getting a decent fit." However, once the right fit is you can enjoy the sound isolation that TrustedReviews says "isn't fantastic, but can handle most public transport."

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TrustedReviews Oct 31, 2013

The Philips Fidelio S2 are high-quality earphones with a superbly-tuned sound and great build quality. They can't quite compete with top multi-driver earphones, but it's a good first-wave effort from Philips.

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What Hi-Fi Jul 8, 2014

They’re fine if you’re listening at home to higher resolution bitrates, but we suspect that’s precisely the opposite of what most people will expect a pair of in-ears to excel at.

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Expert Reviews Apr 9, 2014

The Fidelio S2 produces superb audio as long as you get a tight seal. Bass and treble performance are impressive for dynamic driver in-ears. However, you can buy the Fidelio S1s for much less, and they differ in construction and build quality rather than sound, and appear better value overall.

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