August 30th 2012 2:07 pm


For when you’re on-the-go the Fidelio X1 headphones will bring your music from your smartphone or tablet to life. An acoustic open back architecture brings pristine audio fidelity and is ideal for listening to music for long periods of time. This is coupled with powerful 50mm neodymium drivers that provide a wide dynamic range and the most balanced sound spectrum available. To make sure the treble remains true to the artist’s rendition, a specially tuned diaphragm profile is incorporated ensuring not a single note will be missed.

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TrustedReviews Nov 5, 2012

The Philips Fidelio X1 are among the best-looking, most comfortable open headphones you can get. They're made from top-quality materials and the cable is as easy to switch as cables get. Sound quality is excellent too.

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wazzuptech wazzuptech

The sound stage is amazing. The design is sexy. I cannot talk about comfort, because I don't even feel them after 1 min of listening. The noise isolation is nonexistent. Durability is Fidelio X1's lowest point. The soundjack has some minor problems after just a year of use. I have used them about...

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