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by sup909

HDMI Issues: Image Not Always Displaying
Anyone having HDMI problems with this TV? The HDMI appears to be flaky and with both my Apple TV and Xbox 360 I occasionally have problems with the TV not displaying the picture correctly, but I can hear audio from my device fine. I end up having to turn the TV off and then back on, sometimes several times before I get a picture.

by tehsnarf

Comcast PVR
So, bought this TV, hooked it up to my motorola pvr (don't know the version off hand, I'm at work) with an hdmi cable, get a green screen. Hooked it up with component cables, get a wicked green tint to everything. Hooked it up with co-ax cable, everything looks fine. I've double checked connections, etc. Same HDMI cable, same HDMI port on TV, colors look beautifully from 360. Looks like (to me) it's an issue with my cable box. Anyone else have any troubles like this? I spoke with... Read more →

by richmun

Can not keep TV from going to Menu Screen
After owning this TV for about 6 years and being a satisfied customer, it seems to be failing on me. When the TV is turned on, it immediately goes to the main Menu. When trying to navigate out of the Menu or deeper into the Menu options, it jumps back to first screen on Menu. Anyone have similar problem or know how to fix? I know I'm due for a new TV, but I would hate to throw away an otherwise working TV. This TV is on about 6 hours a day. It's connected to an Apple TV, DVR/Cable box,... Read more →