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91 March 18th 2012 5:39 pm

Zero distortion at even the highest volumes. Swappable filters that work like an EQ and let you customize your listening experience. A replacement cable, in case the original one gets snagged. With near-universal acclaim from audiophile reviewers, these may be the best non-custom earbuds ever made. The catch? A $600 price tag that makes them more expensive than many custom models. By all means buy them if you can. We just can't bring ourselves to recommend them.

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PC Mag Mar 15, 2012

The Phonak Audéo PFE 232 offers stunning audio quality with swappable filters to customize the sound signature, but the price feels too high.

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Pocket-Lint Jan 6, 2012

If you do decide to take the plunge, you will be amazed by these earphones. Their comfort is second-to-none, and the flexibility and longevity offered by the replaceable parts really should mean that these earphones will last you for a very long time indeed.

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TrustedReviews Dec 19, 2011

You get class-leading high-end detail, without the cold and clinical feel that comes to define some analytical earphones. We wish they didn't cost almost twice as much as the Etymotic ER-4P and Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro, but the performance justifies the heavyweight pricing.

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iLounge Jan 25, 2012

Audeo PFE 232 + Mic strikes us as worthy of only a limited recommendation, and then only to audiophiles who also happen to be tinkerers—it’s a solid earphone at a seriously crazy price, offering a handful of users the ability to play with filters, cabling, and other accessories for kicks.

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The Gadgeteer Jan 29, 2012

They are about the best sounding universal-fit earphones I’ve yet heard. They are well made, extremely comfortable, customizable ... and have replaceable cables. But wow, are they expensive.

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johanan johanan

If you can look past the hefty price tag, these buds are very easy to love. The audio profile is crisp on the highs and clear, clean and strong on the lows. It suits everything from Beethoven to Bob Marley, from Son House's Death Letter to Radiohead's Creep, and it presents each beautifully. I...

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LinksLive LinksLive

This is highly rated and recommended earphones. Sound quality is good and make the listening experience more enjoyable. Worth for the price.

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Supafly Supafly

I'm an audio nut, and have spent hundreds upon hundreds over the years on my earphone obsession. From the Etymotic Hf5 and Klipsch Image X10i, to the Ultimate Ears Triple fi 10 I've been through a few and none of them come remotely close to matching the PFE 232. Yes, I know the price is crazy,...

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Ckdavies Ckdavies

These earphones are just audible utopia. I could listen to them 24/7 365. Now which track do I want to listen next? There are so many I need to listen to again. These beat my Etymotics, UE Triple fi 10, Sennheiser HD600's - how good are these things? What you put in you get back out with...

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