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The XW-SMA4 is the biggest speaker in Pioneer's current wireless speaker lineup, but the bigger size just means it packs a bigger punch. Despite its size, PC World Australia said "it’s heavy but still compact" and What Hi-Fi says there's a "fair amount of heft for a still relatively compact speaker." The larger design allows Pioneer to pack in five total speakers, helping the XW-SMA4 produce a sound PC World Australia called "one of the best speakers we’ve heard in the wireless music category." Sound+Vision said it's "surprisingly loud" and that there is "definitely more bass than you’d usually expect from such a small speaker." Even though the SMA4 is loud and produces a good sound experience, Trusted Reviews warns that "while thick bass and midrange provides an initially positive impression ... over time it can deaden the listening experience as the detail and nuances of a track are lost." Pioneer has packed a wide range of features into the SMA4 including Ethernet and a USB connection, as well as support for Apple's AirPlay to help give you a whole-house audio experience. At the right price the SMA4 proves a viable alternative to the Big Jambox and Sonos Play:3 -- just be mindful of the powerful bass.

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Sound+Vision Apr 1, 2013

With all the attention paid to making it easy to connect, and all the multiple options therein, it would be easy to assume there had been no attention paid to sound. But Andrew Jones works his magic again, and this thing actually sounds really good. Color me impressed.

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PC World Australia Jan 29, 2013

If you listen to a lot of music, or listen to it loud, buying the SMA4 is a no-brainer, but it’s an expensive product that’s got stiff competition from Sonos and Libratone.

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akersc akersc

Overall I really like the XW-SMA4. Great sound at all sound levels with very good bass even at the lowest levels. The only downside is the app. You cannot power the device on and off with the app, you have to use the remote or the power button on the speaker. I might add that the firmware update...

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