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This diminutive scanner is about half the price of other portable scanners, such as the Doxie Go and Xerox Mobile Scanner. But its size means it's limited to scanning smaller items like business cards and register receipts. And using it to scan these can require practice and patience. If you're looking for the smallest portable scanner available, you might find the SlimScan interesting. If you're looking for something that you can take anywhere to scan anything, consider one of its competitors.

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PC Mag Mar 27, 2012

The PlanOn SlimScan SS100 is an attractive idea (a credit card size scanner for receipts and business cards) but the reality falls short of the promise.

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Gadget Review Mar 23, 2012

For $139 retail, you’re getting a pretty sophisticated little scanner — 300 dpi resolution and 24 bit color is nothing to sneeze at for text as well as for color graphics.

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