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by rorytucker

What is the best headset for comfort and quality for glasses wearers?
I am looking for user recommendations for a headset for Skype and music that I could wear comfortably for a few hours.
  • Needs to fit comfortably while wearing glasses
  • Mostly used for Skype
  • But would like to only use one headset at my desk (I currently have a 2nd pair for music)
  • Needs to block external noise a bit too
  • Wireless would be nice
  • Mac / USB
  • Currently have Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000

by dotbeepdoot

Best dual-phone a2dp single ear bluetooth on the market today??
I currently have and regularly use the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus ( and while it is still functional I feel as if the technology has possibly gotten better over the last 2 years and I am currently interested in upgrading to another headset.
The main reason I am even considering this is because of the occasional drop out of audio when listening to music sometimes when turning my head the opposite direction of where my phone is, putting my phone in... Read more →

by RogerDune

Variable audio quality
I use my 925 with an iPhone. Most times i'm told by people on the other end of the line that I am going in and out audio wise. It has got so bad that i can't be bothered with it anymore. A colleague of mine has one paired with a blackberry and he loves it. I'm not sure if the issue is with the pairing between the 925 and iPhone, the iPhone or the 925 unit itself. Anyone else out there use a 925 with an iPhone and having a good experience?