October 13th 2009 8:51 am

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BigInJapan BigInJapan

Typically, purchasing a multitasker means you get a device that does a bunch of things ok but none really well. The Voyager 855 is an exception. It's a strong performer in both of its roles. As a headset: The Voyager comes through with flying colors on the big three for a headset: how...

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joebenitez joebenitez

After June 17, with the new 3.0 Software on my iPhone, I was a happy camper. Through my experience, battery life got better, I got to sync notes with mail, push was finally turned on, but there was one feature I was intrigued about: Stereo Bluetooth or A2DP. I've already used bluetooth...

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For anyone buying this product and intending to use it in stereo I would recommend stiffening the connection point of the optional ear-bud where it connects to the main headset. I think this would prevent the breaking of the solder within the ear hook which I experienced.

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popepope popepope

I have had this headset for about a week. I am very happy with it. Here is a list of features that I like. The size is quite good and I like how it fits in my ear ( there are three different size earbuds),When taking calls you can press the call control button or you can pull out the boom mic...

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