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The Moga is a cheap and easy way to add standard gaming controls to an Android phone. And, while it won't work with every game (or every phone), when it does work, it could give you an edge in certain games that just don't work well on a touchscreen. Consumer Reports calls it a "a big step up up from touch-screen controls," and lauds its "simplicity of setup" and "solid design." IGN also likes the Moga, and points out that "while all of the buttons are small and compact, they don't feel cheap and they respond quickly with a satisfying click." However, the Moga isn't perfect; Time was disappointed that it didn't support more games, and also found that it could "block access to your phone's volume controls."

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Gizmodo Dec 11, 2012

With the MOGA ready in a jacket pocket, you can make time sitting on a train breeze by. When you get home, it's fun to rig your phone up to your TV and pick up where you left off. As the catalog of game titles expands, the experience will only get better.

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Consumer Reports Jan 16, 2013

The Moga is a great portable controller for Android smart phones and tablets. Anyone who plays complex games on their mobile device should give it a try: It's a big step up from touch-screen controls.

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Time Dec 4, 2012

If you’re planning to play mostly on a phone, this is a neat option, but only if you’re willing to tinker with the unofficial universal driver, which adds support for lots of other games. ... prepare to be disappointed by the limited game selection and the cost over time of replacing batteries.

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IGN Oct 17, 2012

The Moga won't revolutionize mobile gaming, but it still might be the single best way to enjoy your Android games.

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Destructoid Oct 17, 2012

If you've been wanting a gaming controls for your Android device, the MOGA is a slick solution ... At a price that is to be set somewhere around that of a console controller, it's not exactly cheap, but it's probably the best stab so far at creating something of a mobile gaming controller standard.

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Digital Trends Oct 18, 2012

Although the Moga may not be the first Android controller on the market, it is by far the best, and likely a glimpse at the future of gaming.

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Android Police Oct 29, 2013

If you just want to buy a gamepad and see what's available, you might want to hold off. Hopefully MOGA will fix some of the bugginess of the app, and improve compatibility with games you've already purchased. Until then, though, be sure that the selection of titles is worth it up front.

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CNET Oct 10, 2012

Smartphone controllers aren't new, but they also haven't taken off. I remember feeling the same giddiness when I first saw the Zeemote JSP controller for feature phones. Now, however, devices have reached the right level of maturity for Moga-maker PowerA to make a move, and maybe some cash.

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ExtremeT ExtremeT

It does exactly as it should and it definitely makes playing games on your Android devices a lot better, especially for certain genres of gaming like FPS titles

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jaydon34 jaydon34

First and foremost the Moga android controller is a fine product but not without fault. The controller is portable, nicely built and runs many of the popular games on the android market place. It will also work with emulators if you download the Moga universal driver located on the android market...

video review
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Cosmosis Cosmosis

The hardware itself is nice, and the design is impeccable. In using it with the game Sonic CD, though (on a Nexus 7), I noticed that after a few minutes the responsiveness of the buttons and directional pad became sluggish (often with a second or two delay), which is problematic for gaming. I...

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