February 21st 2012 3:27 pm


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by groovechicken

Anyone else having networking crashes on their Raspberry Pi B?
I have been testing mine as a home server using the debian image and everything is great until I start pulling large files for an extended period of time, such as when streaming video by way of a DLNA server, at which point the network interface will just stop working. The only way to get it back is to do an ifdown and ifup from the command line to get networking going again. Once, I even got a kernel panic. I haven't tried any other OS images with it yet, but plan to. Anyone else having issues?...

by groovechicken

Any luck with your Raspberry Pi projects?
I got mine last week but haven't had time to play yet. While waiting for an Android build to be put together, I am planning to run debian on it and use it as my home file server and DLNA server (assuming I can get source for one of the DLNA servers I like to compile for ARM). Has anyone started playing with theirs yet? Any luck?

by TgD

Planning on getting one? What will you use it for?
The Raspberry Pi is a low cost ($35) linux based computer. With enough developer support, this tiny machine can do wonders.

Personally, I wan't to get one to mount on the back of my tv, hook it up through HDMI to retrofit it as a more flexible "smart tv". Perhaps use XBMC (or raspmc)

Are you going to get one? Have any creative uses in mind for it?