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The first thing you'll notice about the Kraken Pro is its garish appearance -- one color option is a bright neon green with black accents, the other black with green accents -- but place them on your head and you'll find the sound anything but garish. Destructoid said "the audio itself comes in both clear, and loud," while PC Mag noted it "handles bass very well." The microphone is just as good, with Gaming Shogun saying that "your teammates will be able to hear your chatter, loud and clear." However, a gaming headset is no good if you don't want to wear it. Fortunately, this is a gaming headset you'll want to wear, and wear for a long time, as Gaming Shogun calls it "one of the lightest and most comfortable I have ever worn." If you're working in an environment where you'd rather not draw attention to yourself -- like an office -- you might want to pass on these cans, but with good sound and a great price for a 2.1 headset, you'll be perfectly pleased to take these to your next gaming tournament or LAN party.

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PC Mag Mar 28, 2013

The Razer Kraken Pro gaming headset offers both comfort and sound quality, and is incredibly simple to set up.

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Gaming Shogun Oct 30, 2012

Overall, the Razer Kraken Pro is an excellent choice for gamers looking to hang in there over hours and hours of gameplay – whether at home or in a tournament.

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Expert Reviews Sep 18, 2013

They are great headphones for gaming, especially action-heavy first person shooters. We wouldn’t recommend them for listening to music, though.

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Destructoid Oct 26, 2012

I enjoyed my time with the Kraken Pro headset, and look forward to busting it out during lengthy gaming sessions for the foreseeable future. While console support tout of the box would be nice, it still works great with mobile handsets, portables, and of course, as intended, any PC.

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Illtellulater Illtellulater

Overall the razer kraken pro is an amazing headset. Comfort is its main feature and it truly stands up to its sale point. I'd recommend this purchase to anybody.

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mattl5672 mattl5672

I was fond of this product until after a year I noticed quality all round had decreased and it started malfunctioning which considering it rests on a table and has been dropped less than a meter twice is very poor for a headset of its cost.

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nixtorn nixtorn

This is one of the worst headsets i have ever had the muffs started to cut out after three days of use and the microphone picks up everything i had it for about three weeks after that then they just fell apart the durability of these headphones is little to no they have no surround sound like it...

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Teastrings Teastrings

RAZER KRAKEN PROS REVIEW "The most comfortable headset. Ever." That's what the box reads. And honestly, I can confirm this. Comfort is a main factor of design and there is no denying that it feels amazing on the head. Although there may be some tension at first, the break-through period is...

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peterdoudkine peterdoudkine

To start of my review with these head phones I would like to say that I am not a gamer but I do play games I use my headphones for music The mic quality on these is really good for communication with your team mates for pc but not as good on console but the mic is still really good As I Mentioned...

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DeadPizza DeadPizza

I loved the headset until today, when the right side dided, and its only a few days until i have had it for 3 month...

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