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PC World Sep 10, 2013

Razer's Ouroboros gaming mouse is kind of hard to say and costs $150, but is readily customizable, lefty-friendly, and performs well. Also, it’s gorgeous.

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PC Mag Oct 11, 2013

The Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse is highly configurable, with a dizzying array of options and features, but its price will keep many buyers at bay.

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Digital Versus Jan 24, 2013

The Razer Ouroboros is ultra-precise, practical and ambidextrous, and works wirelessly or via USB cable, but its coolest feature is really the customisable body. Gamers and DIY lovers may have met their perfect mouse.

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TechRadar Mar 26, 2013

The customisation options are not much more than you get with a RAT, and the poor wireless performance negates any price premium such technology might normally dictate.

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Craving Tech Mar 14, 2013

Razer Ouroboros has everything – sleek design, futuristic look, customisable ergonomics, perfect weight, optional AA battery when needed, long battery life in wireless mode, non-plastic-y material, superior and accurate performance, and much more. Geek-gasm guaranteed.

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RazerSucks RazerSucks

I have had this mouse for about three weeks and am getting ready to return it. The thing hasn't worked since I got it out of the box and Razer's support is awful. They are not helpful, rude, inefficient and all sorts of other negative adjectives. - The construction is flimsy and certainly not...

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Xerces Xerces

The Ouroboros mouse is not comfortable . The angles on the mouse parts poke into the hand if using the palm grip. Really this mouse is only for the claw grip, but even for this is too wide to have good control. The Mouse is also too flat, and when using it at most angles the mouse...

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nug050 nug050

Above all, this is a mouse. With that in mind, it works very well for what it was designed to do (as a pointing device). I don't really care for the high DPI rating as I turn mine down. I do like the on-the-fly DPI adjustment capability. I also like the shape and how smooth it is when it glides...

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taoybb taoybb

Comfortable, Adjustable palm rest make it nicely comfort but not enough. (I found out Logitech is much more comfortable).Fucking Awesome design! XD . Accurary is nice. Using this for do a CG/Digital Art. Configuration is so-so. My old cheap CMStrom are better than Ouroboros.

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Bounou Bounou

Very satisfied, performance is flawless with wireless and worse case i can always switch to wired. Upgrade form a G9x and i do not regret!

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