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by frankspin

What are the benefits of a gaming mouse?
I understand why a gaming specific keyboard can be practical and useful to a gaming experience on a PC but I've never understood how a mouse is beneficial. Since I've started gaming again on my PC I've just been using a generic mouse with nothing special. If my gaming picks up into something beyond RTS would a gaming specific mouse be beneficial? Would it even be beneficial while playing a RTS like Starcraft 2?

by darkwolf33333

Megalodons cause USB issues with extra peripherals on gaming laptops
Has anyone who owns these had problems getting them to work properly when you plug them in with a extra keyboard or game pad? For some reason when I plug in my zboard or my 360 controller the megalodons shut off and the zboard and controller refuse to be recognized unless i unplug the megalodons. So far this is only tested with Windows 7 gaming laptops like the Asus G51j-A1.

by AdamWillis

Using the Razer Lachesis on the Mac
I got my mouse after getting CrossOver Games on my mac and installed Counterstrike: Source. I can't figure out how to use/program the 9 buttons on the mouse. Normal functionality like left/right click and the scroll wheel work but beside that I can't get any other buttons to do anything. I tried the Mac OS X Driver v1.6.8 on their website http://www.razersupport.com/index.php?_m=downloads... but it doesn't seem to help. I have the the lastest...