January 2nd 2013 11:14 pm

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91 January 2nd 2013 11:43 pm

Razer's successor to the highly customizable Onza controller, the Sabertooth not only improves on everything that wasn't quite working with the previous model (like the difficult to reach triggers and unimpressive D-pad), but it's back with better ergonomics, four more programmable buttons on rear rocking switches (bringing the total to six), and a freaking embedded display with two profiles. (Why only two and not, say, ten? We don't know.) Re-learning your control layouts with an arsenal of customizable buttons definitely takes some time, but this is the first controller that truly delivers on the FPS holy grail: never again will you need to take your thumbs off the sticks in the heat of battle. Unfortunately, there's no wireless version of the Sabertooth so you'll be tethered, and at $80 it costs up to twice as much as cheaper Xbox controllers. But if you take your gaming seriously, you need to take a serious look at this controller. Dismissed, noobs!

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Engadget Jan 2, 2013

The Sabertooth is squarely aimed at the tourney crowd -- this certainly isn't meant as a replacement for little Sally's standard issue Xbox 360 controller. ... but the stuff that it needs to do right is all more than accounted for, and that's what we care about most.

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Pocket-Lint Jan 3, 2013

A pleasure to use, beautifully designed and incredibly responsive. In the time we've been testing it, the Razer Sabertooth hasn't missed a beat, it's been solid and a pleasure to use. It's a bit pricey, but it's got a lot to offer, including near-pro controller performance.

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Kotaku Jan 3, 2013

The Razer Sabertooth will not necessarily make you a better game, but it might just make you feel like a better gamer, with the added bonus of making Major League Gaming unnecessarily nervous.

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Digital Versus May 10, 2013

The Razer Sabertooth is a comfortable, precise controller with responsive buttons. It makes an excellent alternative to the official XBOX controller, especially since it comes with six extra user-configurable buttons.

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IGN Jan 2, 2013

The Sabertooth is an exceptional Xbox 360 controller that provides precision and personalization, but with an MSRP of $79.99 is unlikely to appeal to consumers outside of a comparatively small demographic of competitive players.

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Expert Reviews Jan 3, 2013

It's a serious piece of kit that can make a big difference in games, but unless you exclusively play on a console and stick to first person shooters, there aren't many game genres that require both thumbs on the analogue sticks at once.

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Hardware Heaven Jan 3, 2013

We would still love to see a wireless model in around this price with the wired version a little cheaper but there is no doubting this is a well-built product with some excellent features and performance for the price.

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Stuff Jan 3, 2013

It offers enough improvements over its predecessor and the standard Microsoft option to make it a worthwhile purchase. If it had a few more profiles and wireless capability then it would be near-perfect, but overall its five stars are well deserved.

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zwim zwim

Very good controller with a lot of extras but horrible build quality. The extra buttons are not very usable for PC users (can only remap existing controller buttons). Died in 2 months of normal use, cable kept disconnecting and this is not an isolated case. Razer refused to honor the warranty.

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JankHank JankHank

This is the best controller for Xbox 360. I've owned it since it first came out. Average around ten hours of use a week on it. Still holds up. Performs just as well as it did when I first got it. This controller allows you to do amazing things in first person shooters. Highly recommended

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ERamer ERamer

Not really programmable. They say you can map the additional buttons but all you can do is have them mimic other buttons not add new functions. You cant really program it. Add that to the fact that they keep breaking, and the price tag is ridiculously expensive. DON NOT BUY!

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