December 11th 2012 9:59 am


Kubi is a rotating stand for tablets that responds to remote control over the web, allowing the tablet to be used as a telepresence device.

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Engadget Jan 11, 2013

To control the robot on the other end (to, say, look around a room, interact with a baby or stalk a subject), a secondary device is needed to access a web page with a matrix of buttons, which correspond to different coordinates within the robot's range of motion.

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nomadicnerd nomadicnerd

We use the Kubi during our group meetings and it is fantastic. It lets the remote workers engage with everyone much more effectively and has ended the never ending stream of "Can you move the iPad so I can see who is talking?" It is good enough that we have two so multiple people can join the...

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Energydyn Energydyn

I wanted to share my experience as user. I was controlling KUBI from an app on a iPod touch. It was a small checkerboard and each square was a position of the KUBI. I could go to a specific place and the zone in to a person or persons easily. I was in Los Angeles and KUBI was in San Francisco. I...

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