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I really like the Roku 2 XD. It does everything my old Roku did, but it adds full 1080p HD, which is very nice on my 65″ HDTV. It’s convenient to have a single box for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus. quote

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Wired Sep 4, 2012

What you're left with is a simple portal to a vast library of great services and a very strong temptation to cancel your cable or satellite service.

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frankspin frankspin

This was the first Roku I ever owned but after hearing great reviews & the ability to use Plex Media Server I finally took the plunge. I have had zero complaints thus far and don't envision myself having any moving forward. The media support is so/so but if you have a HTPC or an always-on PC...

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Cosmosis Cosmosis

We upgraded to the Roku 2 XD from our older Roku 2 (the previous generation model, before the model numbers got all wonky). The form factor here is really nice: smaller, glossier, without all the open grilling for venting. The performance is outstanding, and if anything because Hulu Plus runs...

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RenRatCA RenRatCA

Cut the cable and have a great selection of media via Amazon, Netflicks, Crackle, Hulu, Twit, Revision 3 and many man others. There is also a HBO Go app so hopefully they will someday offer a subscription plan without needing cable!

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gdbjr gdbjr

The Roku is a pretty good media device. The interface isn't the best looking and navigation isn't great. It also suffers from occasional freezing every once in a while. But there really isn't another device that supports so many services out there.

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rowilo rowilo

This is small and very powerful. It is much easier to stream Netflix and Amazon on this product than on the PS3. Don't ask me why or how but it just logs into those accounts and begins the streaming faster. Plus, it doesn't give off the same amount of heat. In fact, it is silent and...

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bigbny bigbny

I have to say, I am very impressed with this little box. The first thing I noticed and was shocked by, is that there is no Ethernet! How will I stream video without Ethernet? I have pretty decent Wifi, but Roku also brags about their video quality. Guess what? Video quality is great and it...

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tadcampbell tadcampbell

Choice I went with the XD over the XS because: 1) I had no use for the XS's USB option given that it already has the SD card slot (and Plex for playing things from my computer); 2) I had no interested in the games (if I wanted to play a game, I would use one of our many consoles actually...

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Parzival Parzival

I know everyone likes to rave about the selection on Roku but it's pretty grossly over-rated. Yes, there is a channel for everything but most of them are rubbish. I bought this to get HBO Go on a larger screen and once that service came to Apple TV this became irrelevant.

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