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by day2dayg33k

Media Center?
As I might have a while back, about the cord, I finally did it. And we are not looking back. My spouse manage to rely on Netflix and Amazon VOD. That being said, we have Roku and an Apple Tv that is hacked running Boxee and Xbmc. My request is to find a simple way to simplify my media consumption, by allowing me, using one box or multiple with central streaming location that would be cross platform, that would be amazing. I had installed Plex and followed their instruction with no luck. I guess,... Read more →

by nitehawk

Tips for Roku wifi connection issues?
I recently bought a Roku 2 XS for bedroom viewing of netflix, amazon instant and pandora. I live in a townhouse with thick walls and 2 sets of stairs. My router is on the main floor and though I realized that the connection would be slower upstairs than the main floor, watching netflix has become impossible when someone is watching on the tv in the living room. I have a solid router, surround sound sets for both tvs and have tried moving around the Roku with no improvement. Tips and advice are... Read more →

by mitchell

What is the best device to stream online television content to a TV?
We have a television, and a high speed internet connection, but because of some conflicts with a cable provider we have decided to forgo cable or satellite television. So now we're looking into what the best way to get television content is. We have a very basic HDTV, nothing special. I'm not really a fan of smart TVs because they lack longevity, so I'd like to stick with a device that can stream television content to our TV. What device would be best for that? We have a Netflix account, so it... Read more →


Set top box that supports UPnP and Podcasts
I am using my Amahi Home Server to serve my digital media using mini-dlna application to my PS 3 in the family room. That works very well, and I would like to find a smaller appliance similar to an AppleTV that can stream from my home server, while also being able to stream podcasts like the AppleTV can to the television in my bedroom. I can't use the AppleTV as it doesn't support UPnP, and neither does the Roku box. I also want it to be able to stream from Netflix as well. Does anyone know of...

by dmsilva

Roku or Boxee?
I am tired of paying $100 a month! What do you all recommend? A Roku, or maybe a Boxee? How about both? My main needs currently are a few shows on the USA Network, Doctor Who (OF COURSE), Thundercats 2011, and a few local television shows. Any direction at all will be appreciated!

by barry

Best Netflix streaming movies?
It's getting to be a hassle to find stuff to watch on Netflix so I thought I'd ask for people's list of favorite movies, documentaries, series, whatever. Can be as long or as short as you'd like. Also, if you have any great links to sites that list or make it easier to find good streaming content on Netflix, please share.

by ArkHunter

Is there any hardware that streams Netflix better than Xbox 360?
If I were to want to let my gold account expire, I couldn't stream Netflix on the TV anymore. The Netflix experience is very good on 360. Are there any other hardware devices, such as the Roku HD or similar, that are comparable or better for streaming (and searching Netflix? I guess I could use WMC (Win 7 version) also. I've heard rather bad things about Netflix built in to hardware (blu-ray players mostly), though that maybe wifi issues and not the hardware necessarily.

by crimsonfenix

Does it support UPNP?
The one piece of official information I can't find about the Roku box is whether or not it supports UPNP media servers. Specifically, I am wondering if I can stream video/audio from my Mediatomb server or my laptop running Windows 7. Anyone have any success in that department?

by Eddie

I really like the idea of one of the Digital Media Players (or whatever you want to call them).
While I can do all the different parts they enable individually, its a pain in my butt and it would be grrreat if I could have one box attached the TV/interwebs to bring it all together. So basically my question is (now that I've been able to see the BoxeeBox and there is a new Apple TV reported) what, really, is the difference between all the options? It seems like Boxee will offer Hulu but the others wont? I am assuming they all do the job of aggregating your existing media on the... Read more →

by Goattee

Power supply issues
I LOVE the product and the sound it produces. But most of the production runs featured a bad capacitor in the power supply circuit that caused the radio to abruptly die within 6 months (twice!!!). The second replacement supposedly had the newly improved power supply. But it died within 5 months of entering the home. This problem is rather widespread-- you can confirm this if you visit Roku's support forum. To the company's credit, Roku did replace the unit at no charge on both occasions.... Read more →