October 27th 2009 8:30 am

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by coologuy1957

Youtube App for all Roku boxes!!
I tried out this a few days ago and it works very well! Here's the instructions: * Log into your Roku account: https://owner.roku.com/Account/ChannelCode/ * Select add private channel, and use the code: B8VVK. * On the Roku box select the channel store and then press home to activate the channel. (via http://www.hackingnetflix.com/2010/06/private-yout... You can search and access your personal Youtube content. If you have made playlists on Youtube,... Read more →

by gggeek

Who else has a Roku HD while waiting on Boxee box?
Just wondering who else has been using a Roku HD box while waiting on the Boxee box from D-link and Boxee.tv. The Roku HD is a capable player and dead simple to use and setup, but with no plans for Hulu and a snails pace of adding quality channels, I wonder how long I will keep enjoying it. Especially with the Boxee box incoming. To note, I could easily build a HTPC and call it a day, but I'm older, have a kid, and my time is precious. I'm not wasting it on building an HTPC... I have...