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by 81anuverma

How can i mirror my android phone on pc/mac? The screen of my phone is broken so i cannot access my phone and the phone is screen locked with password. Help!
I have a samsung galaxy S3. And i want to extract my data from it. While the screen is broken and the phone is screen locked. I've tried doing it with Samsung pc suit i.e. Kies which isn't helpful because phone is locked. And I've also tried Using utilities like Droid@Screen, Android Screencast or Android Screen Monitor but again it requires to enable an option from developers mode under settings which is not accessible due to broken screen. i just need my data. please help!

by vivekrajr

Best global phone? GSM+CDMA with 3G and EVDO
I was looking to buy a new phone(in India). I switch between CDMA and GSM often and use two phones for this currently. I am looking to buy a new phone and came across HTC Desire 700
The specifications state that it has GSM and CDMA support on SIM 1(with HSPA and EVDO). I called the customer care to make sure that this was not a typo.
Are there other phones like this on which I can just use GSM SIM and CDMA UIM on the same slot? Are there any...

by karankashyap

Which phone should I buy among these reviewed?
I need a very detailed advice on which phone should I choose?
I am planning to buy a new phone, either Windows 8 or Android. Now, I like Windows Phone UI a lot and I hate Android's but in terms of specs, Android phones like Nexus and Galaxy S4 are a lot more ahead of Windows Phones but maybe its because WIndows phones don't need much RAM or processor. I'm more inclined towards Android for all reasons but the UI and the only thing I find less in Windows 8 is the number of Apps. Plus, I'm not sure... Read more →

by cabezud

Samsung Smart Evolution for TVs
Does anybody know which models are eligible for this device? The press release said select 2012 models. My fingers are crossed the un46es6100 is included.

Also, any word on pricing? One blog said they were aiming for the sub $500 range, and someone was guessing $200.

by pinoyhatdog

HD 7500G gaming performance as compared to Intel's HD 4000 (Ivy Bridge)

I'm planning on getting this "sleekbook" and though it's mainly going to be a media-consumption device, I plan to also use for some light weight gaming such as Left 4 Dead 2, DoTA 2, etc.

Do note, I'm not looking to play these games at high settings - though of course the ability to play at higher settings would be nicer.

How do you think it would fare, especially as compared to Ivy Bridge? Because I know the games I play are playable using I've Bridge.