by elijah

Price Point
Looks like both newegg and amazon are pricing these bad boys at $219! At that price point, I'm going to have to check one of these bad boys out. I heard that even Best Buy has a refurbished model for lower. Time to update the "As Low As" price point.

by drkokandy

Wow, it's almost like time is going backwards.
It's 2013 and now Logitech has finally unveiled the ultimate in modern technology... a wired keyboard for the iPad.
I understand these are targeted at schools, a setting in which pairing and keeping charged a Bluetooth keyboard for each device would be a nightmare... but if your students need a reliable computing device with a keyboard to type, wouldn't it be much more cost effective for a school to purchase cheap Chromebooks instead of iPads? According to this Apple Education price list -... Read more →

by frankspin

Google I/O 2013 Keynote shows off new software and features
The keynote is still happening but so far Google has shown off some new stuff for their services. I'll keep updating this as they come out but feel free to share your thoughts.
  • Synced notifications: now when you dismiss a notification on your phone it will dismiss on your tablet
  • Unlocked Galaxy S4 developer edition: It's the Galaxy S4 but without TouchWiz and running pure Android
  • Google Games: offers a way to keep saved games between devices as well as compete against friends
  • Play Music All Access:...
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by Snakpakk

Chromebook - stand alone laptop or nice way to stay connected on the road?
Having recently purchased my first Chromebook (Acer C7), I've been fielding the same question over and over again. Is it a stand alone laptop for $200 or a tablet with a keyboard attached? So I decided to bring that question to the gdgt community in hopes that some of you Chromebook owners will step-up and share how they use the device.
  • Will your Chromebook become your primary laptop?
  • What are some must-have apps new Chromebook owners need to have?
  • Any notable short-comings with your device?
I've... Read more →

by marc

Is it time to consider buying a Chromebook?
When the first Chromebooks came out, they were overpriced, and ran an early version of Google's Chrome OS that was almost useless without an internet connection. However, Chrome has improved dramatically, and now allows offline access to locally stored documents and media files. More significantly, hardware prices have dropped dramatically. Samsung's recently released Chromebook sells for just $249, includes USB 3.0 and HDMI ports, and... Read more →

by gperkins

My Chrome book did not wake up when I opened the lid this morning
I had to do a hard reset for it to start. Then it complained about my password, which has not changed. My google tv gave me problems last night too, but other devices seem fine.
It was asking for my old passwords which I could not guess, or the google did not accept. Eventually it let me in by clicking on a button below the old pw, I can't remember what it said.
At that point, it rebuilt Chrome, installing all my add ins. Hopefully it is a one time thing, but you're locked out with no one to...

by groovechicken

The last gasp of laptop Linux?
Remember the old days, when Linux was a nightmare to run on a laptop because half the hardware would not be supported and you would spend days in vain trying to make it work? While those times seemed like a thing of the past for a few years, my recent experience installing Linux on some laptops made me feel as if I had been time warped back to the Linux Dark Ages.
It all started when I had to give my trusted Lenovo T61 to a student whose laptop had been damaged in a recent fire on campus. I had... Read more →