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  • Reception and call quality Excellent call quality anywhere really great!
  • Display Display looks amazing, however sometimes it seems it lags a bit and gets a little pixled. good
  • Battery life Absolutely phenomonal great!
  • Camera Camera was better in the iPhone4s I just upgraded from but its still decent, but could be better so-so
  • Ease of use Once I got use to the size and to take into consideration im 6"4 240 lbs so im a bigger frame person but I love the size and feel of this phablet great!
  • Design and form factor Feels like a phone that we will be seeing more of in the mobile community, less glass, more design, and a lot less slip great!
  • Portability (size / weight) It fits in my jeans pockets......ummm well thats about the most I can say on this part lol this is a big phone it will fit in jeans comfortably though poor
  • Media support Flawless great!
  • Durability Seems like they could have done a little better with the design but again I say this will be more of what the future looks like for mobile devices so-so
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Very good running system good
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Ok so I upgraded to this phone last month from my iPhone4s, and wow! I feel like i've been living in the past with this little tiny screen I use to adore. If your looking for a trendy compact phone your looking in the wrong place. This is one big phone, but I love every inch of it. For me 6"4 240lbs its great I no longer feel like I own a piece of expensive irreplacable china for a phone. It has a great screen that can get a little laggy at times but for the most part its great. My call quality is actually quite better on this phone compared to the iPhone. Every phone I own is unlocked and used on the straight talk service, so it runs off of at&t towers; before I couldnt get a call out at my home, now I can walk all through the house and never drop a call. A lot of the features of this phone is great smart watch, smart stay, i've played with a dozen different phones over the past two months trying to figure out which one I wanted and tried not to listen to everyone elses' hype about this one or that one. Take it from me an everyday guy with three kids, a wife, and two dogs. Not a techy guy but this phone does everything basicly that the s4 does, no it's not as fast or does not have as high as resolution but for the everyday user if your looking for size and quality this is by far the best choice to go for I would definitely recomend this phone to anyone thinking about buying one.