September 24th 2011 10:40 pm

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by JasonTsay

Benefits of Rooting a Nexus?
In the past, I rooted all the Android phones I've owned in order to flash CyanogenMod for a more "stock" experience and to overclock less capable hardware. I just bought the Nexus 4 today and was wondering if there were any significant advantages to rooting an already high performing device with stock Android. I'm not really looking to put on any themes or fancy customization of that sort, although a numeric battery indicator would be nice. If you're a Nexus owner, why do you root your device...

by Trillions

Can anyone tell me if the Nexus 4 is compatible with Beats by Dre headphones?
I know for some phones (such as my beloved BlackBerry 9780), the 3.5mm headphone jack is shaped in such a way that does not allow the Beats by Dre headphone port to fully connect into it...I'm wondering if my headphones will work with this phone or not, basically.

by timchoi89

Is anyone else experiencing problems the Galaxy Nexus not charging?
My GN thinks that it's charging when it's not and the screen turns on by itself also after a few seconds when I turn the screen off. Also, when my phone doesn't think it's charging when it's not, it sometimes doesn't charge when I plug it into the computer or a wall plug.
I have two batteries for my GN and the problems persists with both batteries. I thought it might have been water damage but my phone is dry and it's been going on for at least a month now. Lastly, this only seems to happen in... Read more →

by Funderful

Where, in the EU, should I be looking to be sure I get a YAKJU phone if I place an order?
I would love to have a phone with Jelly Bean and decent prospects of getting Key Lime Pie but unfortunately not all Galaxy Nexuses are created equal. Some don't get updates in a timely fashion, those with updates handled by Samsung are on a delay of up to 4 1/2 months. Since I'm in Sweden, where only YAKJUXW devices are being sold, I'm looking elsewhere in the EU.
I am fully aware that I could get a phone locally and flash different firmware myself but that kind of defeats the point of getting... Read more →

by inte99

Help me update my Galaxy Nexus from 4.0.2 to 4.0.4.
My galaxy nexus is now 4.0.2. I want to update to 4.0.4 and update to JB(4.1). The problem is that when I check for OTA updates it says I have the latest version of ICS, but I know that's wrong. So can anyone tell me how I can update to 4.0.4. My phone is not rooted but I don't mind doing that. So guys can you send me a link or instructions. Thanks in advance.

by andrewkalies

When will the unlocked Galaxy Nexus (from the Play Store) get Jelly Bean?
So I just got my new GSM-unlocked Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store in the mail today (running ICS), just before it was removed from the store on Tuesday. Google says that it will be returning to the Play Store next week with Jelly Bean on board. Does that mean that my Galaxy Nexus (which shipped with 4.0 ICS), will get Jelly Bean next week as well?

by inte99

Which Phone?Samsung galaxy nexus or htc one s?
Which one should i get?first i wanted the htc one s.but after google yesterday announced(at google i/o) that the gnexus would get jellybean(4.1) first,im kinda confused.the price was also dropped for the nexus.the price of both phones is not a problem for gonna buy unlocked.i like sense as much as stock ics.i dont take much pictures so the 5 mp camera on the gnexus doesnt bother me.the size doesnt matter as i have large enough hands(not huge)to hold both phones.i love the build quality on... Read more →

by TinyGrasshopper

What's the best unlocked android phone for $400 dollars?
I've saved up enough for a galaxy nexus which is what I want because I want an unlocked phone running stock Android 4.0 that gets regular updates. My current phone is a Nexus One and that's what I love about that phone.
Then I realised that the version of the Galaxy Nexus that is available online is the 16GB version. I wanted the 32GB version. That's the only way I could stand the Galaxy Nexus not having a micro sd card slot.
So I'd be willing to forgo getting the Nexus for a phone in the same... Read more →

by Viakenny

Galaxy S III, Galaxy Nexus or Xperia S?
I don't know if I should pay a little more for a Galaxy S III, go for a Galaxy Nexus, get stock Android, but not FM radio, or an Xperia S, which has a reasonable price, a good camera (not even considering the 12MP sensor) and a nice UI (just about to get ICS).
So, could you guys help?

and no, the HTC One X isn't sold where I live.

UPDATE: Thanks for the answers, I just got a Galaxy Nexus.

by timchoi89

I'm moving to Australia in a month, what can I do to make the move easier for my tech?
Like what the title says, I'm moving to Australia for work in July and I have a bunch of tech (mostly game related) that I'm worried will become useless in Australia.
If I get an NTSC to PAL converter for my PS2 and Dreamcast (I still have a couple games I gotta finish), will I be sacrificing picture quality?
  • Since the PS3 and Xbox 360 both use HDMI, can I use it on a PAL TV or will I have to get a monitor with HDMI ports?
  • If I get on PSN or Xbox Live from Australia will it automatically switch to...
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    by EBerk

    Which Verizon andriod phone should I buy?
    Since the rumors about Verizon no longer grandfathering in unlimited data for people who are moving from a 3g phone to a 4g LTE phone I am looking to upgrade from my HTC Incredible now rather than wait and hope for Verizon to get the HTC One X.
    The main contenders are in order of my current top pick down are:
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    -Highest rated and least expensive (I don't mind spending money but I don't know if there is currently a Verizon phone that is worth it)
    -Only downsides are the camera... Read more →

    by peter

    Will the next iPhone have a larger screen?
    [Just jotting down some thoughts quickly here, apologies for any typos!]
    There have been conflicting reports on this, but the WSJ published something today indicating that Apple is likely going with a 4-inch or larger screen for the next iPhone ( We heard these rumors last time around, and Apple stuck with a 3.5-inch display, so I certainly would not be surprised if the screen on the next iPhone remains the same.... Read more →

    by Vertimyst

    iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus, or should I wait?
    I'm looking to get a phone. Right now I'm torn between the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus. I know this question is asked a lot, but I'm really not sure which one benefits me more. On the one hand, I've used iPhones before (both my parents have one), I use iTunes for music, and at some point I'll probably get a Macbook, though I primarily use a custom-built PC dual-booting Windows 7 and OSX.
    On the other, I use Gmail, Google Calendar, and Reader daily. My contacts are all saved with Google, and I... Read more →