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  • Ease of use The device is just too slow! awful!
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Let me just say this first: From a functionnality perspective, this tablet is perfect, it has it all. Multitasking, good screen, good pen input, sd card slot. It just looks perfect for students, or note takers in general. You will actually be hard pressed to find better functionnalities...
This device is full of bugs and is slower than any other device I own. I can only advice people to stay away from this tablet. It is let down by software entirely. It does look good in the few first hours of use, and then the little disturbing things appear: samsung apps crashing constantly, sd card causing the indexing to fail (during movies, popup appear). I rooted mine to try to solve things, but it did not really help in the long run.
I settled for a Surface Pro 2. In comparison, the hardware quality is stellar, there is a real multitasking, the pen input is fantastic, hand writting recognition far superior... And the stability of Windows 8.1... It just is much heavier, but I guess that is the price of power!
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That sounds kinda strange. Are you sure you haven't bought a faulty copy? I can't believe Snapdragon 800 behaves like double-core rockchip.

It is not a faulty item, but not everyone is complaining about this, although xda and others are full of complaints... And also, the issue is clearly not the cpu, but the software. Buggy, not optimized, inadequate... When the tablet is running well, it can be very fast, video decoding works perfect, games are perfect... except when it is not. Home screens are very laggy, even with NBova Launcher or Apex, and the transitions can be horrible. Thats actually my point, a Snapdragon 800 should not be slow compared to a rockchip!

Strangely it is totally different from my hands on experience with the device. Granted I only played with it on and off for 10 to 15 mins
but it showed zero lag within that period, which is long enough to surface any defect in the OS.

Many bugs are dependent on a combination of events or how one is using a device. One's workflow is a variable in if or when a bug is found. For example. many people aren't experiencing the refresh/multitasking bug in iOS. Some people don't use Safari as much as other to complete web forms or comment fields. Some people don't multitask when completing web forms or comment fields.

Surface Pro 2 is definitely worth buying but the price is too high. Regardless, simple user interface errors can be fixed with the installation of custom roms, which are tweaked and made to be faster.

You are comparing apples to oranges. Surface Pro 2 is a full fledged laptop. This is a tablet. Of course the Pro 2 will blow this out of the water. The difference is about a 3x increase in price. This + 64Gb SD ~$450, 256GB Pro 2 (the one to get) = $1299.