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by brooklyntechie

Where is the Note 8 2014?
It seems that Samsung has released 100 new tablets of all shapes and sizes in the last few months (I think I read 11 to be exact). The only one I haven't seen is the one I've been waiting for - a new 8-inch Galaxy Note. The original came out well over a year ago and I have been holding off on buying a new tablet on the hopes that a new one would come around.

Do you think they are discontinuing this line or are they waiting for the release of the Note 4, which usually drops around October?

by groovechicken

There will be no Otterbox for the Galaxy Note 8.0
I contacted Otterbox to see when they would have a case available for the Note 8.0 and I got a reply saying they have no plans to make accessories for this device. :( Maybe they will change their minds if it sells a lot of units, but that's not likely. As fragile as the Note 2 is, there is no way I will buy one of these unless I can find a case that will make it safe to drop.

by groovechicken

Anyone tried any cases with the Note 8.0 yet?
I am thinking of getting some for the kids because I can think of a lot of good uses in their homeschooling, but I am deathly afraid of them breaking such a pricey item... especially after the LCD inside my Note II cracked on its first fall with a slim case. I have since put an Otterbox Commuter on my Note II and it has saved it at least 3 times. Otterbox hasn't released anything for the Note 8.0 yet, though, and looking at the options on Amazon is only marginally helpful.
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