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  • Features Its good but given the price I have yet to see an day one of ownership that great difference between features, other than speed, with that of Galaxy Note 10.1 good
  • Display sharp, clear and HD quality. My movies and photos look great on this. great!
  • Battery life Have yet to see if it would last me a full business day's work. indications are not great. so-so
  • Ease of use Its another Android so fairly straight forward. It will take time to gain maximum use of the S Pen as it has a number of tricks up its sleeve good
  • Storage capacity Given the cost of this product (in excess of £600) one might have expected greater capacity built in. You will have to purchase additional storage so-so
  • Design and form factor It is a plain practical product without any wow factor! Though on the larger size it is easy to hold. good
  • Portability (size / weight) More A4 size than notepad size so you will need a bigger satchel! good
  • Durability To early to say as its less than 12 hours old! so-so
Detailed review
I am no techie so this is a Joe Public report on my early experience. I have really enjoyed and got great use out of my Galaxy 10.1 and so looked forward greatly to the arrival of my new Galaxy Note Pro. The first obvious difference in opening the product this morning is the size! In simple terms approx. one third bigger screen than the 10.1. Turning it on one is struck by the brightness and sharpness of the images and the speed. Everything seemed to run smoothly and effortlessly. Press and magazine articles are a joy to read as pages turn so easily.

The slightly rubberised type back makes it easier to hold but I anticipate inadvertently finding myself on the home screen having touched the raised button on the bottom front of the tablet.

The camera seems to give an adequate picture but could not be described as outstanding. I managed to freeze it within the first few minutes of usage and restarted the tablet. Now seems fine. Music hub seems not to recognise even the format and tunes on Samsung’s own music portfolio. So have asked for a resolution from them.

The impression I'm initially left with is that I have a good product but I am not overwhelmed by its capabilities given the massive price difference between this and the Galaxy 10.1. My early value for money rating would be a 3/5! In a few more weeks I might rate matters differently.