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70 April 20th 2012 5:25 pm

Though this portable media player is $50 less than Apple's iPod touch, and offers a few novel features, — including the ability to control a cellphone over Bluetooth — for most people, it's still not a real alternative to the touch. That's mainly due to its screen, which is noticeably less sharp than the one on the touch. If you have a big music collection, the Galaxy Player's microSD card slot might make it worth considering, since adding a 32GB card to the 8GB Galaxy is considerably cheaper than buying a 32GB touch. Otherwise, the touch is a better deal, especially since you can get the 8GB version on Amazon for $187, putting the price difference between these two at just $37.

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Laptop Magazine Apr 11, 2012

Samsung's Galaxy Player 3.6 offers easy access to Android apps along with great audio quality for $50 less than the iPod touch, but you'll need to make some trade-offs.

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PC Mag Apr 16, 2012

A budget smartphone without the phone, this low-cost media player should appeal to casual gamers and music listeners.

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CNET Apr 18, 2012

If it weren't for the mediocre screen and camera quality, I would hold this up as the iPod Touch alternative that Android fans have been waiting for. But it's not quite there yet.

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PC World Jun 7, 2012

The Galaxy Player 3.6's affordable price tag makes it a tempting choice if you're looking for an Android-based alternative to the iPod Touch, but the poor screen and subpar audio quality would cause me to think twice before opening my wallet.

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SlashGear Apr 12, 2012

You’ve got no mobile data, but the rest of the Android fun is all here – and at $149.99 (in stores now) you might not be able to resist such a relatively inexpensive fun machine.

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phoneArena Apr 27, 2012

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 might seem like a valuable media player at $149.99, we’re a little hesitant about it because you can actually pick up some prepaid basic Android smartphones for around the same price.

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marc marc

At $50 less than the iPod touch, is Samsung's Galaxy Player 3.6 a touch-killer? No. For most users, the iPod touch remains a better option, mainly because of its significantly superior display, but also because it's slightly lighter, thinner, and has access to a much wider range of apps. That...

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