February 12th 2011 3:31 pm

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by cooool

Xperia T, V, TX benchmarks beats almost all of the best phones on the market including Quads
Results, Quadrant, Higher is better. Source http://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_tx_t_and_v_benchmarks_are_here_promising_too-news-4722.php
as of Aug.29. 2012
Sony Xperia T 5675 Highest
Sony Xperia V 6047
Sony Xperia TX 5793
Samsung Galaxy S II I5365
Meizu MX 4-core 5170
HTC One X (Tegra 3) 4842
LG Optimus 4X HD 4814
Motorola Atrix HD 4178
from GSM Arena "The Krait cores helped the three new Xperias pass the BenchmarkPi with flying colors - none of the quad-core smartphones currently on the market could... Read more →

by Kanogul

Has the term "Smart Phone" run its course?
No one would question that smart phones have become ubiquitous in the modern age. People who barely understand how Microsoft Word works have fairly high-tech devices in their pockets, and while not everyone who owns a smart phone uses it to its full potential, they still use it. But what do they use it for?
Take a look around a restaurant or a store, and you will see a significant percentage of the people there with their eyes glued to their phones. Are they dialing a number or checking their... Read more →

by daninbusiness

anyone trying ting.com or republic wireless?
I've been hearing about both of these services / MVOs and they seem like a very good deal. Seriously considering switching over when my AT&T contract is up. Has anyone tried either of these services? They both are using the Sprint network, so I will need to adjust to that. I think Ting will offer more flexibility, though not as cheap as republic. Either will be big savings for me over my current contract. Handset selection is limited on both options, Ting has more choices (not really the... Read more →

by xorzisten

Problem with white distortion on all pictures
I have had the phone half a year, and I always loved the camera, very vibrant colours and clear pictures.
Like so:

Then suddenly all my camera images became very unclear, with a white layer of distortion or dirt over all images.
Like so:

Anyone had the same problem and got it solved? It really bugs me because, after half a year the same problem appeared on my original galaxy s, which was the reason why I bought the S2!

by peter

Some reasons why you might want to buy an Android phone that isn't the Galaxy Nexus
Right now the Galaxy Nexus is the only phone with Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android, so on that basis alone a lot of people will argue it's the best choice if you're in the market for a new phone. (I bought an unlocked one on eBay and have been very pleased with it.) That said, there are some reasons why you might want to consider buying a phone running Gingerbread -- or at least feel less bad about having just bought one:
1. Updates to ICS are coming
Samsung, Motorola, Sony... Read more →

by koltregaskes

Samsung S2: The best phone currently out there?
I've just got the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It's stunning! I'm surprised just how great is it (certainly compared to my old HTC Desire Z). The specs don't, though lie the S2 is the better phone but, for me, it looks butt ugly (too square I think). It also doesn't have ICS yet (though I'm sure it's only a matter of time). But is the S2 the best phone out there overall? The specs suggest so, it beats everything bar iPhone 4S's screen resolution from what I can see. It's a shame it's a little boxy.... Read more →

by cjjc

How is everyone finding the battery life?
I've had 2 units now as the first one had a serious problem being stuck in flight mode but this 2nd unit provides excellent battery life. I got over 14 hours after heavy use today and when I say heavy I mean heavy. I set the phone up from scratch after a factory reset so I've re-downloaded all my music from Spotify, all of my podcasts, any games which required downloads, obviously a lot of heavy syncing and a few calls, emails and texts to top it all off. http://goo.gl/Qym5f I'm quite impressed.... Read more →

by JasonTsay

What is the best Android phone right now? Why?
I know this is a highly subjective question but I want to know what people think the most important features are when comparing Android phones. I'm guessing phones with the Tegra 2 or other dual core variations will appeal to power users while display enthusiasts will either go for a SAMOLED+ or qHD LCD. I believe hardcore Android nerds will say that the latest Nexus is the best because of its stock UI. Do you look for a durable aluminum enclosure? Or perhaps it's the camera that is a deciding...

by slice

This phone is amazing. Coming from a Hero and iPhone its night and day. The size and weight continue to blow me away.
The speed is great and the battery lasts through a heavy day's use. Camera, etc, etc, is all great. My only complaint is the construction. Not the durability concerns that others have expressed (the phone is rigid and there is no creaking, I think it could take some drops without worry. My complaint is that by using slick plastic combined with the tiny thickness means it can be a little tough sometimes to get a solid grip on the phone on your first try. Luckily I had a cheap gel case from... Read more →