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by Irishdoom

Switching Carriers - How to get the best deal?
I've been a T-Mo user for a number of years, and for the most part have been very happy. Unfortunately, I recently moved somewhere a little more remote, and the coverage is too frustrating. I need to switch to one of the big 2, either ATT or Verizon. I do get a service discount from my employer for AT&T, so I'm definitely leaning that way.
Now to choose 2 phones, and make sure I get the best intro deal. Is it best to shop online, or will I be better off calling and talking to sales? Or can I... Read more →

by cjtylr

Is Amazon's Fire Phone worth caring about?
Just a few hours ago, Jeff Bezos took the stage to announce Amazon's latest hardware venture: Fire Phone.
It mostly has spec parity with many of today's popular smartphones: large screen (4.7 inches), nice resolution (1280x720), fast processor (2.2GHz), and a seemingly good camera (13MP). However, Amazon is also introducing a few new tidbits: the screen features "Dynamic Perspective" which adjusts the... Read more →

by dave

How do you manage the mobile data crunch?
Recently, I started taking a more serious look at how much mobile data I've been using. My Verizon plan provided me with 4GB of data per month (plus allowed me to use a mobile hotspot).
After looking at how I've been using my data, I've used more than **2GB** exactly once in the last year: ~3.2GB for December. Well, enough throwing away money!
So, I dropped down to the lowest tier (2GB / month, no mobile hotspot). Go figure, the moment I do this, I start to run into... Read more →

by GregOnslaught

Galaxy S5 Cases
Does anyone know of any good cases for a GS5 that cover up the shitty plastic look but keep it thin? Usually I would go for lifeproof but a) they don't have any cases for it yet and b) that seems redundant since they went to the trouble of making it water resistant. (also I know that lifeproof doesn't make for a great looking case either, but its a trade off I'll take when it means that an iPhone can go through a sheet of drywall without any damage)

by hashesh889

S5 & GEAR 2
i should personally suggest this phone to all SMARTPHONE lovers ..

If you really want to be SMART .. :D

just bought S5 along with GEAR 2 .. i can say that really nice experience using this phone check there on Amazon at really low place as compared to market http://amzn.to/1hpXiKo & http://amzn.to/1r5lNkE ...go ahead and get yourself something really SMART GADGETS :D
N share your experience

by frankspin

Will we ever see cheaper phones?
OnePlus finally took the covers off their One phone (I don't get the name either) and it's pretty impressive. It has the specs to stand against some of the top flagships out there and comes in at $300, which is about half the price of major flagships. The two potential downsides are the battery is not removable, and it only has 16GB of storage with no microSD slot. However for only $50 more you can get 64GB of storage instead.
The phone... Read more →

by GlenBarrington

Upgrading from a Droid Bionic
Next month, I get to upgrade and I think I want to break away from the useless Verizon crap apps that fill up the Bionic. Will either the S5 or the HTCOne M8 be any better than Moto in this case? (Does anyone use the Verizon subscription mapping? EVER?) Or will I still suffer from Verizon's crapware infection?

Unfortunately, leaving Verizon is not an option for me at this point. And are the other carriers any better?


by Jaredhc

S5 or M8? and Why?
I am really stuck here. I lost my S3 and have been waiting for these two phones to launch. Now that the time is here, I cannot decide! I have Samsung accessories, but the M8 is coming out with some pretty awesome accessories. The S5 has a removable battery (which I LOVE!). Its also water resistant, but I can Liquipel the M8. The S5 also supports Qi Wireless Charging as the M8 does not. Hoping one of you can help me decide. I greatly appreciate it!

by immatryitout

wait for iPhone 6 or go with upcoming flagship Android?
it seems that every year myself and most of the globe gets stuck with the question, "Should I Wait???!". ive had the 1st gen, 3gS, 4, 4s, and now I have iphone 5 and am up to my knees in the apple ecosystem, and its literally no diff except how pretty its looks now with ios7 -_-.... but every time im relaxed listening to pandora and i want to make sure to tweak my station perfectly song 4 song and its like K CAN I PLEASE LIKE A PANDORA SONG WITHOUT UNLOCKING MY PHONE, OPENING THE APP, X-ing OUT... Read more →

by Sartaxi

LTE Bands?
Is there any clarity on LTE base bands?
Will there be several models that do not share worldwide compatibility just like the S4 or will the S5 support more bands? I would love a version that is AT&T compatible and would also work on 4G networks in Europe!

by frankspin

All the news that's fit to print from MWC 2014
CES is the go-to place for all things consumer-related, but for the cellphone fans there is nothing quite like Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year is no different, with some exciting stuff being shown off by Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Firefox and more.
To no one's surprise, Samsung unveiled the latest Galaxy phone, the S5. Aside from the usual processor and memory upgrades, Samsung added in some new... Read more →