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Samsung's trio of smartwatches for 2014 ranges from high-end to fitness models, with the Gear Neo sitting squarely in the middle as a mid-tier device with the design and feel of the Tizen-powered Gear 2, taking away a few features while introducing a lower price. It's a perfectly capable smartwatch if you've been pining for something more simple, but you'll still need to have a compatible Samsung handset to get any use from it.

The display on the Neo is one of its "highlights," according to Trusted Reviews, with CNET calling it "brilliantly bright" and Pocket-Lint finding it "quite wonderful." While some elements needed to be stripped out in the transition from high-end to mid-range, the fitness features remain intact. Unfortunately, Trusted Reviews experienced an "inability ... to stay put" while running, which made it drop "in and out of the coaching mode." And though it may not have a ton of apps, Stuff says it "reliably pulls in email, message and phone notifications" via Bluetooth from your phone.

For $100 less than the Gear 2 the Neo delivers competent performance, despite the lack of a large app selection. And while battery life might not be as great as some of its competitors, the sharp display on the Neo mitigates that somewhat. The biggest issue with the Gear Neo is that it still only works with other Samsung products, making it a tough sell if you don't already own a compatible device.

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CNET May 15, 2014

The Gear 2 Neo offers the best balance of features and price among Samsung's three 2014 smartwatches, but it falls short of must-have status.

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PC Mag May 19, 2014

The Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatch ditches the camera for a less expensive price tag, making it a better buy than the Gear 2.

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Pocket-Lint May 6, 2014

You may still find the addition of a "middle man" device a pointless endeavour. Not us, though, as we've been swayed into the camp that finds the Neo an exciting prospect, even if it's one that's not fully bloomed just yet.

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Wired UK May 20, 2014

Good to see Samsung offering a more affordable alternative to its flagship wearable, but it's a shame the £50-odd saving also meant making it look considerably cheaper.

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TechRadar Apr 24, 2014

The Gear 2 Neo is a strong move forward for Samsung - the smartwatch category still needs work to be truly needed, but if you've got a Samsung device, this is a great companion.

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TrustedReviews Apr 22, 2014

Cheaper and slightly better value than the Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo is a better proposition than the more expensive Samsung smartwatch. But that's faint praise, so we're still waiting for the smartwatch that convinces us it's worth owning.

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Stuff May 17, 2014

Better value than the Gear 2, the Neo is a truly geeky accessory for Samsung users - but it’s also far from essential.

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First Looks

product preview
TechRadar Feb 27, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo could be a gamechanger. The watch that strips out the superfluous camera, adds in really useful technology and is open to developers will be a real attraction for some users - it's just a shame that we don't know the price.

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liquidmachine liquidmachine

It's funny how the Gear 2 watches are competing with products that aren't even out yet. $200 for the Neo was why I insisted on getting one for Father's Day. It looks great, feels great, does what my old Pebble did but with color pizzaz. I can't fault it for anything because there's nothing to...

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falleninsea falleninsea

this review is based on my use of the Gear 2 Neo. Personally i don’t think you need a camera right now in a watch and definitely don’t think its worth another $100 added to the price. So i chose to go with the $200 Gear 2 Neo. The fully loaded Gear 2 will cost you about $300. Over all i really...

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