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The HomeSync from Samsung is a audio video player that has 1TB of built in storage. The HomeSync also gives you access to Android games, movies, TV shows and streaming by giving you a full Android 4.1 experience. The HomeSync will be available in April.

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First Looks

product preview
Engadget Feb 25, 2013

The Jelly Bean-powered HomeSync runs a 1.7GHz dual-core processor with 1TB of storage, and it supports up to eight accounts for uploading, downloading and sharing content between devices. Those with a Galaxy device will be able to wirelessly stream content to their TVs in full 1080p.

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product preview
PC Mag Feb 26, 2013

Samsung HomeSync makes it easy to wirelessly mirror what you're doing on the screen of your device to an HDTV or monitor.

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product preview
Laptop Magazine Feb 25, 2013

Using the phone as our pointing device, we were able to move around the Jellybean UI, launching apps and browsing Samsung’s Media Hub video store. The device comes with Google Play store so you can, in theory, install any Android app in the world.

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product preview
SlashGear Feb 26, 2013

A media streaming set-top box – though not a Google TV box – the HomeSync is more a way to further integrate Samsung’s phones and tablets into your digital life, rather than a standalone gadget in its own right. In fact, your Samsung handset is what controls the whole thing.

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product preview
Pocket-Lint Feb 25, 2013

Another of the HomeSync's impressive feature set that we played with briefly was its ability to mirror the screen of a Samsung handset, and that includes games. It is capable of wirelessly playing your Android games on a flatscreen TV at 1080p (if needed).

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product preview
Android Community Feb 26, 2013

Browsing the Google Play Store was a breeze, but streaming 1080p video over the crippled WiFi here in Spain during MWC wasn’t very optimal. We have a feeling enjoying this at home will be a pleasant experience. Hopefully the price is right.

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product preview
Android Police Feb 25, 2013

The Home Sync itself runs incredibly smoothly - browsing, general UI navigation, and video playback were all buttery smooth - I'm impressed.

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nvrphanikumar nvrphanikumar

Poor support.no response since 3 months.autobackup from phone stopped working after s4 update.not worth buying.wouldnt recommend just because samsung couldn't fix the issue since 3 months

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bertrandG bertrandG

I got this free with a tablet, but would not have bought it. The best usage I can think of is really as a cloud backup. don't expect great things as a media server. Quite disappointing for such a promissing hardware.

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