November 13th 2010 10:52 pm

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by JasonTsay

Benefits of Rooting a Nexus?
In the past, I rooted all the Android phones I've owned in order to flash CyanogenMod for a more "stock" experience and to overclock less capable hardware. I just bought the Nexus 4 today and was wondering if there were any significant advantages to rooting an already high performing device with stock Android. I'm not really looking to put on any themes or fancy customization of that sort, although a numeric battery indicator would be nice. If you're a Nexus owner, why do you root your device...

by mrduane

Do I need to just accept that this phone is under-powered for ICS?
I'm liking ICS, but since upgrading, the Nexus S (which has never exactly been a speed demon) is consistently sluggish. It often takes a few seconds to open up even the gmail or text messaging apps, and it takes at least 5 seconds to even start loading a page in Chrome Beta. I read that the number of 'recent apps' isn't supposed to impact performance, but if I have more than 4 apps in there, the Nexus S slows to a crawl.
I'm pretty good about stopping or uninstalling unneeded apps that tend to... Read more →

by day2dayg33k

Switching from Blackberry?
i have a blackberry user for a long time, and even have a playbook. But, now I feel that they are, or will not improve their devices to keep other smartphone out there. I did use the first Moto Droid liked it, but could not stand the issues with the OS, i have an ipod touch for music playback. I have a mac and Ubuntu machine in the house. So I am asking, did Android improve or fix most of their bugs, and what about IOS, i heard it just works, with minimal issues.
So I am hoping, that you can...

by franktronic

Poor battery performance after ICS update?
My brother bought a Nexus S (on T-Mo) shortly after it came out and he's been bragging ever since about how amazing the battery life is. He claims the OEM battery gives him a full day of heavy use, including lots of talk time, and that he never charges it anywhere but his bed side. But since the ICS update, he says battery life has been cut in half. Anybody else seeing this?

by ED8617

ICS OTA update downloaded but not installed
received the notification for the OTA update yesterday evening, downloaded the update but wasn’t able to install it because I didn’t had enough battery left.
I charged the phone during the night and was hoping to install the update this morning but I can’t find it anymore. If I go to “About phone”/“System updates” it says the phone is up to date.

How can I install the update?


by timchoi89

What are good pre-paid cell phone plans in Philippines & Hong Kong for data?
In two weeks I will be going to Philippines and Hong Kong to visit family and I'll have a smartphone with me for the first time.

I'll mostly be using my phone for texting and data (can't wait to get my first international foursquare checkin!).

What prepaid service providers offer the best value when it comes to texting and data in Philippines and in Hong Kong?

P.S. If it helps, I'll be in Makati in Philippines.

by brett

What is the new H in the signal portion of my Nexus S?
I rooted my Nexus S and loaded up the AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. Now in some areas, my signal is shown as H (as opposed to E or 3G).

I'm assuming it stands for HSPA+ (T-Mo's 4G), but I wasn't aware that my phone had the antennas to handle HSPA+. I still see E (Edge) and 3G shown when I am in those areas, but the H is a new occurrence that wasn't there in Gingerbread.

Has anyone else seen this on their Nexus S?

by brett

I rooted my Nexus S. What interesting things can I do?
Today I rooted my Nexus S and installed Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It's leaps and bounds better than Gingerbread and it has made me even more excited to get my hands on the Galaxy Nexus.
Since this is my first rooting and custom ROM experience, what are the interesting things that I can do with root access? What are the must-have apps for root users?
Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have rooted, but my Nexus S is getting a bit old, the screen is cracked, and I plan on getting the...

by dmsilva

Has anyone heard if Verizon will offer the same feature for Google Voice customers and the Galaxy Nexus as Sprint does for their customers?
I recall in the Samsung Unpacked event, it was mentioned that the new Dialer app had tighter integration with Google Voice. It would be awesome if that integration was as a result of Verizon integrating with Google Voice as Sprint does. Any thoughts/ideas?