November 13th 2010 10:52 pm

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by frankspin

Google is planning to sell 5 Nexus devices via its Play Store.
The WSJ has gotten some information that Google may be announcing it's plan to announce 5 unlocked Nexus devices at the upcoming Google I/O event. There is no word yet on who will be making the phones but the report states they're planning to partner with a variety of OEMs to make this happen. Oh and the cherry on top, they'll be rocking the latest version of Android which at I/O will be Jelly Bean. The one thing that wasn't mentioned was which carriers this will work with but given the fact... Read more →

by timchoi89

If you're on T-Mobile and want to install Google Wallet using the Android Marketplace on your Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus, follow these instructions
  1. Open this link on your phone but when asked to open in the browser or market, click on browser.
  2. Click on the Google Wallet icon and, when asked to either open in the browser or market, click on market.
  3. Install and enjoy!
It's all thanks to this thread in xda developers ( that I found it.

P.S. Apparently this is supposed to work on all carriers. I'm only on T-Mobile so I can't validate this. Read more →

by peter

NFC and Android use-cases?
I recently bought a pack of NFC tags so I could take advantage of the NFC reader in the Galaxy Nexus I just bought. First one I set up was a tag on the door to my apartment that toggles WiFi on and off. I like to keep the WiFi off to save battery life when I'm not at home, so it's sort of handy to be able to quickly tap my phone to switch WiFi on or off as I'm walking in or out the door. (It's not life-changing, just kind of geeky-cool.)
Would love to hear what other uses you guys have come up... Read more →

by dave

Extrapolating the screen size of Android mobile phones over time.
Abstract: The latest Android mobile phone under Google's flagship phone line, the Nexus family, currently has a diagonal screen size of 4.65 inches (118.1mm). This follows a trend that Google started with the HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 -- their first Android flagship phone. Released in 2008, it had a diagonal screen size of only 3.2 inches (81.3mm). Since then, screen sizes in Google's Nexus line have grown at an average rate of 0.48 inches (12.2mm) per year.
I. Introduction
In 2008, HTC released the... Read more →

by JasonTsay

Nexus phone naming convention
The Nexus One was the first Nexus phone that Google produced, as its name suggests. The logical successor to the One would be the Two. However, Google introduced the Nexus S, based on the Galaxy S chassis from Samsung, as its second phone. The third Nexus phone from Google is known as the Galaxy Nexus (not Nexus Prime as rumored) which again is related to the Galaxy line of phones.  One way to think of the name Nexus S is that is is the S variation of the Nexus family because it uses Galaxy S... Read more →

by timchoi89

Why didn't I think of it sooner? Argh....
Today I flew back to PA for my internship and I stood in line for at least 30 minutes because I had to check in with bags. By the time I was 10 minutes away from reaching the check in gate, I remembered that Continental Airlines has an app for Android that lets you check in allowing me to just drop off my bags at another section of the airport with no lines. I quickly tried to install it but it took forever because 3G wasn't available. It finished installing right when I was called to the front.... Read more →

by duffner

If you were forced to switch to different phone than the one you currently have, which would you choose, and why?
There are tons of possible choices in the smartphone industry. I want to know, if you were forced to give up whatever phone you currently use and switch to another phone, which phone would you want to switch to? I'm especially interested to see what iPhone users say. For me, I currently have a Droid Incredible, and would most likely switch to a Nexus S. It's extremely appealing to me, with a thinner build, both front-facing and rear cameras, and having Gingerbread preinstalled.

by timchoi89

Android is starting to aggravate me.
First of all, I have to point that I LOVE Android. I love how you can customize it to your heart’s content and I love how apps can reach out to other apps without any difficulty. Before I complain, I try my best to do something about it before saying something. So please don’t assume that I’m just making these complaints rashly. 1. Fix Google Voice! There are several bugs that needs to be fixed with Google Voice and it aggravates that Google still hasn’t fixed this app after a couple... Read more →

by FrdBr

Okay, so I'm pretty sure that my next phone will be the Nexus S or Nexus One. But now that they both run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which one is better.
I mean I know the N1 is obviously cheaper to buy because it's older. Some say that one is better because build is better, more durable because it's HTC and/or because of the metal. Others say Nexus S because it has a few better hardware upgrades, bigger and better screen. So I'm a bit at a crossroads. Of course, because of the carrier I'm with here in Canada, they are on an AWS frequency like T-Mobile there in the U.S. And with the ATT buyout of them, there's rumours... Read more →

by cass

Voice and video chat comes to Gchat on the Nexus S!
Google is releasing a new OTA update to the Nexus S that will add this functionality and will work over wifi, 3g, and 4g. Voice/video chat should be coming to other devices in the future aka when carriers feel like it. If any of you Nexus S owners out there get the update, let us know how it works! Head over to the Google Mobile blog for screenshots and a video: