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Detailed review
I am happy to report this device lands near or at the top of the heap as far as premium tablet computers currently available. I was initially reluctant to purchase the Nexus 10 after reading a few early reviews before the release date. These reviewers turned out to be biased. Even the benchmarks regarding the Nexus 10's Exynos 5250 SoC and dual-core Cortex-A15 seemed imply the device was under powered, or performed poorly compared to the iPad 4. This is certainly NOT the case.

I have barely put down my Nexus 10 since I received it in the mail on 11/16. The Nexus 10 has exceeded all of my expectations. The high resolution screen is incredible! Easily comparable or better than the Retina display on the iPad 4. Real world performance with applications, games, video, and system administration are very impressive. The pure Android v4.2 OS is clean, free of bloatware.

The lack of expandable memory space is unfortunate, but definitely not a deal breaker. I believe Google's decision to cap the device memory space is to encourage use of their cloud based storage applications. I highly recommend the Nexus 10. For Android preferred users, this is the tablet for you.

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