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  • Features It has every feature that I could possible imagine ever needing! great!
  • Display Cannot see pixels, no matter how close I look. great!
  • Battery life Have to charge more often than my iPad, but still not bad considering the size of the screen and all that it's doing. good
  • Ease of use Already an GS3 user, so using this device came super easy. great!
  • Storage capacity would have been nice to have an external storage slot. So bought the 32GB version to cover myself. good
  • Design and form factor Very solid and comfortable to hold. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments great!
  • Durability Seem very well constructed and I like the rubbery grip back. great!
Detailed review
This is a great device! I compared this to the Asus Transformer Infinity and ended up picking this one mostly due to the higher resolution screen. But I also like that it will always be the first to get the latest version of the Android OS.

I've been extremely please with the performance too. I was concerned that all those pixels would bog down down the processor/GPU, but so far it's been a screaming demon. Everything is super smooth and videos look amazing (bought the timescapes video which is great for showing off what the screen can do).

The only thing lacking is official accessories. Google/Samsung are losing a lot of money by not offering a good case and pogo charger already.