October 15th 2010 4:13 pm

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NOTE: The first thing I did with this phone was flash a custom ROM onto it (first Bionix-V, then Axura) to get rid of T-Mobile's stock bloatware and dramatically include the speed (thanks to the Voodoo lagfix, which changes the file system). Most of my review scores are on the hardware...

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nxgens nxgens

operating system needs some work, and updates are hard to come by. with android being at version 4.0 the Samsung Vibrant is stuck at version 2.2, version 2.3 and beyond doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon. overall the device is a good one just needs to be standardize more and have better...

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thadman thadman

I regret buying this phone most days. The processor is not powerful enough to smoothly run most apps at a reasonable level of performance and the included battery will only get you through a morning's use. You'll have to recharge by lunchtime. GPS is spotty at best; some apps that must access...

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mdlsimpson mdlsimpson

One of the best phones I have owned... until the SII came along... and the Nexus, and the One X, etc... Good phone that would benefit from an OS upgrade and processor upgrade

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justinhub2003 justinhub2003

Great 1st class four inch display, and great camera even though it lacked flash however this is all ruined by a terrible touch wiz android skin and cheap plastic build quality

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Fedburin Fedburin

I wanted to like this phone I really did. I have had every crappy T-Mobile phone since the Blackberry Pearl and beyond. I kept upgrading hoping that I would get a phone that didn't reboot, have lag, everything worked, etc. The VIbrant wasn't that phone. I had to take it apart to fix the GPS....

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