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It’s a decent flash drive that turns in rather average performance. That it’s U3 enabled definitely adds value to this product. quote

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PC Mag Nov 22, 2005

With a great software bundle, slim shape, and great price, the SanDisk Cruzer Micro makes an ideal U3 companion.

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CNET Aug 9, 2006

The well-designed and inexpensive SanDisk Cruzer Micro comes with great software, but it's marred by its incredibly slow write speeds.

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SlashGear Sep 18, 2006

It’s a decent flash drive that turns in rather average performance. That it’s U3 enabled definitely adds value to this product.

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TrustedReviews Sep 4, 2004

The Cruzer micro is a small, affordable, pocket friendly USB memory key, although it could do with some faster write speeds. Add the Cruzer micro MP3 companion though, and you’ve got yourself a very affordable MP3 player with removable memory. Neither product is outstanding on its own, but as a...

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alexlmiller alexlmiller

There's not usually to much to say about a flash drive, and that's still the truth here. But the Cruzer Micro does its job and does it extremely well - good transfer speeds and great durability. I've broken plenty of the flash drives over the years, but the retractable USB plug...

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Kanogul Kanogul

The SanDisk Cruzer Micro is quite a well-designed piece of hardware. The sliding USB connection ensures that the plug stays clean, while reducing its size to allow it to travel just about anywhere. The data storage is simple and reliable, and it works very well with Windows OS. The design...

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zcommander zcommander

everything about this flash drive was good except the ring that lets you put it in a key ring. it was metal but so soft that it "un ringed" itself by a little jerk.. and then i lost it.

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iMario iMario

That U3 ROM partition is rather annoying though. Never found enough time to find a tool that could kill it and reformat the flash, as I stopped using it primarily on Windows. On Mac that U3 feature is unusable. I noticed that ONLY windows XP can shut down the orange LED when the flash drive is...

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benjamoon benjamoon

I have the 16 GB model SanDisk Cruzer Micro and it is definitely my favorite jump drive so far. The ability to slide the USB plug in an out of the drive is very nice and has helped keep the plug in very could condition, though pocket lint does occasionally get caught in it. The size is very nice...

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