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arojay arojay

While the 8300HD is a serviceable unit, and outputs good-looking HD (all depending on the source material, of course), the interface is extremely bare-bones, lacking most of the features present in newer, more modern DVR devices. In fact, the look and feel of the interface hasn't changed in...

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kiteboy kiteboy

I'm glad Rogers has been renting me this box "free" for a past few years, since I'd never pay the $400-600 CDN it would cost to buy it outright. While firmware updates have addressed the most egregious problems over the years, it's stll not entirely reliable at picking...

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nickyg600 nickyg600

I am a Cablevision subscriber, and have had this box for half a year now. It works great for what it is supposed to do. This is my first DVR experience, and while not without problems, I never want to be without again. I have no problems with the box itself. Decent connections, decent set-up...

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jimmycarter jimmycarter

Look, you may get this box from your provider, paying the $15 a month extra and saying "whee I can now skip ads with glee!" Please take note: it has 54 MB of RAM, and two 250 MHz processors. Your iPhone is more powerful than this damn box. Unlike this box though, your iPhone is actually...

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arenmarcoosi arenmarcoosi

This is one of the worst DVR's I have ever used. I have Charter as my cable TV provider and had to switch to this DVR after my Moxi DVR died.

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