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Thespiansf Thespiansf

Specs: 3.5" Desktop Drive Speed: 7200rpm Plug and Play Interface : Adapter required (included with purchase) Adapters Available: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA, Firewire 800 Data Transfer Speed: Varies Format: NTFS Review: I own 2 of these drives, the 1.5TB and the 2TB. The drive cases are...

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inoxdragoon inoxdragoon

Other than the futuristic look of it and the ability to upgrade the interface as needed, this is a run of the mill standard external hard drive. base needs to be more weighted and the accessory bases need better pricing. on the flip site, Dock also works a "HDD Toaster" style dock for 2.5" drives...

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ThomasConnery ThomasConnery

This drive does everything I expected it to. Although it was built for going back and forth from Mac to PC, I have mine formatted NTFS and backing up a Windows 7 system.

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gtsorbo gtsorbo

Works well, although it is sometimes noisy. Really happy with the speed though, and the ability to upgrade ports as technology progresses is a nice peace of mind.

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