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by nitehawk

Best storage device available under $200?
Just bought a 2012 retina Macbook pro. I love everything about it except that the hard drive size is about the same as my old laptop from 2007 (SSD will do that). I'm currently debating between these choices for upgrading my storage device from a 1TB WD My book from 2008 to one of these. I will be mainly storing photos, digital copies of blu rays and some music and home movies.
I don't travel that much, but when I travel I would like to bring this. I want at least 1TB and have a budget of between... Read more →

by swin1974

Good, reasonably priced, future compatible, external hard drive?
It's time to replace an external hard drive on which I store 300 movies and tv shows. The WD My Book 1 TB drive has served me well, but since my two year old son has tossed it around a bit, the USB connection on the drive is a little wonky. Ultimately, I would love a RAID array like a Drobo, but pricing is way to expensive. So in the mean time I keep all my media on this drive and serve it up around the house, and back up to another drive, just in case Any recommendations for good, cheap,... Read more →

by mginsburg

How big of an SSD is necessary to store/run Mac OSX and other Applications?
I was recently reading this article on Lifehacker ( and it got me really interested in upgrading my computer. I'm working with the Late 2008 MacBook Pro, 2.4 GHz, 250 GB, 4 GB RAM. I'm thinking about replacing my optical drive with an SSD. My question, however, is how big of an SSD would be necessary for this task? I plan on keeping all of my files on my HDD, but the SSD would be used for the OS and applications.... Read more →

by barry

What's your ecosystem for uploading, editing, backing up and sharing your photos and videos?
It's the time of year for picture and video taking. I'd love to hear how others, especially parents and hobbyists, set up their systems for uploading, editing, sharing, viewing, and backing up their photos and videos? I'm a little all over the place. I did recently buy a WD drive that will share my media across several computers and, ostensibly, over the web. I'm on Flickr and just started using Picasa Web Albums. I'm more interested in sharing and viewing than backing up. Are Flickr and Picasa... Read more →

by Tsayre

The data transmission from my Seagate NAS220 to my Mac (running OSX Lion) is slow. Any suggestions?
I have a large library of Mp3s that I want to copy back to my MacBook Pro long enough to have iTunes Music Match scan them into my account. I left it running all night copying from the NAS220 to the Mac, and it only moved 3GB of data. It seems like I should be able to move data much faster. I have the computer plugged into the same router as the NAS220 and so no WiFi is involved.

by Nighto

Don't work on my brothers' Windows 7 computer
Hi there, I'm a Linux user and use this drive in two computers: my Dell Inspiron 1525 notebook running Ubuntu 9.10 and my Nintendo Wii videogame and it works perfectly fine on both of them. Today I tried to plug this on my brother's computer, a custom made running Windows 7. Instead of working as it should, it just beeps each 1s and doesn't appear on Windows. This happens on plugging either on frontal or rear USB ports, and the ports are USB 2.0 and working 'cause I tested with... Read more →

by coologuy1957

This page needs a name change
I ended up researching the wrong product because of the wrong name on this page. There are two seagate products like this - the FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player and the FreeAgent Theater+ Media Player.... The Theater+ is a network media streamer like the Popcorn Hour boxes, whereas the Theater HD only reads media off of usb hard drives and doesn't have HDMI and only upscales up to 1080i. This page is talking about the Theater+ and the name should reflect that.....