June 27th 2009 2:37 am

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tatsumaki tatsumaki

A highly innovative system for its time, the Dreamcast was the first home console to offer true online gaming. While its library wasn't as diverse as systems before and after its launch, there were some great titles that one could only find on Sega's last hurrah. A wide variety of...

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edex67 edex67

The Dreamcast didn't fail Sega. Sega failed the Dreamcast. Through devaluation of the SEGA brand by mistakes like the 32X and the lack of success of Sega Saturn in Europe and North America, the Dreamcast was ultimately doomed to play second fiddle to Sony's PS2. The PS2 hype train was the final...

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mooney mooney

Way ahead of it's time the Dreamcast brought fusion of advanced graphics, network connectivity, and revolutionary controllers that permitted inclusion of rumble, and personal LCD display. One of the best features of the Dreamcast was how easy it was to use homebrew content. No hard mods...

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brett brett

My brother and I got this console for Christmas quite a few years back and I don't think we went outside for days on end. We started out playing some sports games like NFL 2K and the demo of Virtua Tennis that was included with the console. The action was always smooth and I found that the...

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