June 27th 2009 2:37 am


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by timchoi89

I'm moving to Australia in a month, what can I do to make the move easier for my tech?
Like what the title says, I'm moving to Australia for work in July and I have a bunch of tech (mostly game related) that I'm worried will become useless in Australia.
If I get an NTSC to PAL converter for my PS2 and Dreamcast (I still have a couple games I gotta finish), will I be sacrificing picture quality?
  • Since the PS3 and Xbox 360 both use HDMI, can I use it on a PAL TV or will I have to get a monitor with HDMI ports?
  • If I get on PSN or Xbox Live from Australia will it automatically switch to...
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    by Killmickey

    Dreamcast SD card info?
    Does anyone know of a definitive source for information regarding modding the DC with an SD card slot? I can find mentions of it but nothing in-depth or current (2010-2011). If anyone knows where I can find complete info please let me know. Thanks.