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85 April 13th 2012 12:48 pm

For under $40, the CX 300 IIs provide good sound quality, with strong, but not overpowering, bass. Despite their low price, these earbuds also come three sets of swappable earplugs to help you get the best fit. While some users might find the asymmetrical cable slightly awkward, these are still a great option if you want to replace the earbuds that came with your portable media player, and don't want to spend as much as you did on the player itself.

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CNET AU Aug 5, 2010

Sound quality is excellent for the price, and while Sennheiser says the headphones offer powerful, bass-driven stereo sound it's not as overwhelmingly bassy as that might sound.

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Pocket-Lint Feb 27, 2009

For those keen to improve their headphone performance, but not wanting to go the full hog of actually buying a pair that are more expensive than the MP3 player, the Sennhesier CX300-II are well worth checking out.

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Reviewed.com Headphones Mar 19, 2009

We’d recommend the CX 300-II, especially if you have a device that can’t benefit from the microphone and control button on other models. They’re solid, inexpensive headphones.

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PC World Australia Jun 10, 2009

The Sennheiser MM 50 iPhone headset is naturally a good choice for those that need the ability to make calls with their music earphones still in place. But if you don’t need the mic, the less expensive Sennheiser CX 300-II deserves a recommendation ...

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TechRadar Mar 23, 2009

These are not the best headphones you can buy, but they are incredibly good value. With plenty of volume and a big, meaty sound, it looks like Sennheiser has another hit on its hands. If you're on a budget but want to ditch the crappy Apple buds, we can't say it loudly or plainly enough: buy a set...

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What Hi-Fi Apr 17, 2009

It doesn't take a genius to calculate the CX 300-IIs offer sensational value; they're a simple and extremely effective upgrade.

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happyschneider happyschneider

There's tons of bass, and while it's a little flabby, it slaughters the white Apple buds. Vocals are pretty clean, and though trebles lack the refinement and assuredness of buds at two, three, four times the price, the CX 300-II's audio performance ensures this second generation of...

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andysine andysine

The Sennheiser CX300 headphones perform well and are noticeably better than stock earbuds. The sound is geared more towards the bass end of the spectrum, though the highs are relatively sharp. A slightly fluffy midrange is the only drawback, sound-wise. They are a comfortable fit and the...

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Shibani Shibani

Awesome precision... I am a listening addict, I have never had such great ear plugs at this price, I've never judged on "bass precision".. I'd recommend this to people who listen to a lot of music and not heavy(light music).. Maybe this is not the right piece for heavy/ metallic music.. But I've...

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viduka88 viduka88

It is a great earphone. Good sounding and comfort. I give it only 7 because it is really not durable. I always put it back in it's case and did not use them every day. However i have already bought three of them and none of them survived more than 2 years. (well my cat ate one of them :) )

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Those headphone have a great sound and are very comfortable in ear. Their noise isolation is very good, I even used them to block external noises when not listening to music/podcasts. After about 6 months of use one earbud stopped working due to cable broken somewhere inside the connector near...

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